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Our Featured Artist today is none other than the great Karl Agell. Singer from such classic groups as Leadfoot, COC Blind and King Hitter, Karl is known and well loved worldwide. He was kind enough to take the time today for an extensive interview about his history, influences, thoughts on music today and more. Check out this awesome conversation with Karl and look out for new music coming soon.

This friday afternoon our Featured Artist is the power duo of Joey and Sabine from the band Disenchanter. Wearing the crown of Portland doom royalty, laying down some of the mightiest rock in many years, Disenchanter are known for their great riffage, lyrics and soaring vocals/guitars. Today we decided to have a very fun conversation interview about old films, comic books, books, video games, D & D and more. So we had a pow wow with Sabine and Joey and had a lot of fun talking about cool things. This weekend is both Joey and Sabine's birthday so we made today an enjoyable talk aside from all things musical and all about the vintage, retro, 80's and more. Check out Disenchanter for their powerhouse music and dig this conversation with Joey and Sabine.

Our Featured Artist today on Cosmic Rock.com is the one and only Aria from the cutting edge metal band Blackwater Drowning. Roaring out of Carolina with a vengeance, Blackwater Drowning is winning over fans all over the world. Aria holds down the bass and has an extensive background in heavy music over the years with BWD being her most recent group. We caught up with Aria for an exclusive interview about her history, news, thoughts on the music world today, influences and many cool subjects. Aria is known by many and stands tall in a sea of underground music madness. Check out this very interesting discussion with Aria on a thursday afternoon.

Our Featured Artist tonight is the ultra cool Italian psych rock group Sonic Wolves. Fronted by bassist/vocalist the charismatic american star Kayt Vigil and her partner the respected veteran Italian musician Vita on drums, SW is riding triumphantly on the wave of a recent outstanding new album, tour and much critical recognition. We sat down for a wolf clan pow wow with mighty Kayt and Vita for a conversation about the last year's events, updates and unfolding story of this very cool group. Dig if you will the song of the Sonic Wolves.

Our Featured Artist this friday night on Cosmic-Rock.com is long time veteran rock musician, guitarist Gary Sunshine. Gary is known and loved, respected and admired by fans worldwide from his groups like the swamp metal kings Circus of Power, the popular NY Loose, The Silos and others. These days after many adventures, misadventures and years of blood, sweat and soul poured into his music, Gary is writing new songs and releasing solo albums. Long time fans of his music, we really enjoyed catching up with Gary and talking about his influences, history, reflections on music and news. From young days standing to watch the Allmans, Zeppelin and more to his days in Circus and the NY scene, to playing and recording with Axl Rose and GNR, touring with Black Sabbath and more..Dig this interview with a real guitar lone wolf professional musician.. the great Gary Sunshine.

Tonight on sunday eventide our Featured Artist on Cosmic-Rock.com is the mighty Suzi Uzi. Suzi hails from Chicago and is the singer/dynamic frontwoman of the popular retro group Black Road. A striking figure in underground music in recent years with her singing and artistic presence, Suzi met up with us to discuss her influences, history, her band and long time friends in Black Road and thoughts on many subjects. Dig this exclusive interview with Suzi and check out the band's new single out now.

(photo by Jana Lee Mechica from DOC Fest)

Our Featured Artist this tuesday evening on Cosmic Rock.com is the one and only Shy Kennedy. Singer for the popular group Horehound, Shy also has a solo project entitled o Heiðrún  and is the organizer of the well loved fest Descendants of Crom. We caught up with her for a talk about her history, influences, inspirations and interests as well as some news.  Check out this excellent interview with the creative, down to earth and respected musician Shy Kennedy.

Tonight we have a special interview for our Featured Artist with a very cool individual: guitarist/singer Dana Helmuth of the Maryland doom metal band Yatra. Joined by Maria Geisbert and Mike Tull, Yatra rose from the ashes of the earlier band Blood Raven and is winning new fans and followers by storm. Known also for his excellent tattoo work and artwork, Dana sat down with us for a cool talk about the band’s history thus far, inspirations and news. Check out their new single and forthcoming album on Grimoire Records. - G


(photo by Danz photography)

Our Featured Artist this friday night is none other than famous guitarist and all around awesome guy, Srikanth Panaman of the group Bevar Sea. Formed in Bangladore India in 2007, Srikanth and his fellow musicians Ganesh Krishnaswamy, Rahul Chacko, Avinash Ramchander and Deepak Raghu crank out some mighty stoner metal. We had a rare interview opportunity for one of India's finest underground musicians and spoke a little about his history, influences, band and many interesting subjects.

(Photo by Carrie Z. Goodykoontz)

Our Featured Artist on a rain drenched thursday November night is a very special musician and spiritual traveler North Carolina's Beth Brown. Beth focuses on the pursuit of healing and a spiritual calling with harp playing, music and more. We had a pow wow with Beth and talked a little about her background, music influences, her calling in music and healing work and many interesting topics. A very special and fascinating conversation for our readers about the unique, bright star that is Beth Brown and her life's musical and magical journey.

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