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This friday afternoon our Featured Artist is the power duo of Joey and Sabine from the band Disenchanter. Wearing the crown of Portland doom royalty, laying down some of the mightiest rock in many years, Disenchanter are known for their great riffage, lyrics and soaring vocals/guitars. This weekend we decided to have a very fun conversation interview about old films, comic books, books, video games, D & D and more. So we had a pow wow with Sabine and Joey and had a lot of fun talking cool things. This weekend is both Joey and Sabine's birthday so we made today an enjoyable talk aside from all things musical and all about the vintage, retro, 80's and more. Check out Disenchanter for their powerhouse music and dig this conversation with Joey and Sabine.

G: Hey Joey and Sabine how are you guys? Always cool to catch up with you. Today we are going to get into film, video games, old tv and D&D, are you guys down?


Sabine: Hell yeah! It’s great to catch up and talk about fun stuff, Gid. Let’s do this!



G: Cool let's do it. Favorite 80’s television? I’m going with Miami Vice and A-Team. 


Sabine: Joey watched a lot of wrestling in the 80s. He can tell you anything about wrestling!! We were both big MTV kids…Headbangers Ball, etc., as teens. Growing up were the shows that crossed over from the late 70s like Dukes of Hazard, CHiPs, Charlie’s Angels, MASH. Magnum PI,  A-Team and Night Rider were also very watchable. You mentioned A-Team…. Joey and I met Mr. T when they were doing a TV Land gameshow at the local mall!



Joey: Yup, I watched a shit ton of wrestling in the 80s, and MTV. I still have hundreds of VHS tapes that I recorded wrestling and music videos on but sometimes I just let them record for hours so who knows what could be on them!



G: Damn you guys met Mr.T, that’s super awesome. Great photo. Yeah man VHS rock Joey. What’s the chosen favorite old school video game? Arcade or Atari, etc. My random Atari choice it would be Pitfall from 1982. Arcade game I’m choosing Star Wars 1983. I would rock one of those if I could find it now.


Sabine: Star Wars was a sick game! I never got very far with it, but I loved the graphics. I was really into Tempest!!


Joey: I had the Atari 2600, picks for that console would be Space Invaders, Pitfall, Kaboom, and definitely Adventure! Arcade picks would be Galaga, Asteroids and Tempest. Now Sabine and I play PS1 and 2…driving games mostly….but we do have a 2600.


G: Rad. Favorite super hero comic or fantasy comic? I’m going with X-men, always a favorite. For Fantasy themed I’d pick The Savage Sword of Conan when they bigger magazine size from Marvel/Curtis Magazines around 1974 onward. I remember I really loved the art and especially the covers of those.


Joey: My fave is probably X-men…Byrne and Claremont run of the 70s and 80s.. .mostly I’m attracted to the art first. Big obsession with Adam Warren, Bruce Timm, and Amanda Connor for a while. Those were my go-tos. Heavy Metal and Epic were like the ultimate 80s magazines. Not really into horror, but House of Mystery and the old school stuff is cool, like Creepy Magazine and Monsters! I used to get those.


Sabine: I got into collecting comics in the late 80s and started with Spawn and Wolverine. Later on got into Danger Girl, Gen 13, Witchblade…. I really dig J Scott Campbell’s art and Turner. We worked at Dark Horse Comics for a spell and ended up with a big collection including Usagi Yojimbo, Buffy/Fray, Conan the Cimmerian and more.



Joey: So many comics! haha



G: Really cool. Favorite 80’s movies? Hard to pick but for quick choices I’m going with Fright Night, Raiders of The Lost Ark, Lost Boys, St.Elmo’s Fire, Highlander.


Sabine: I’m a huge John Hughes fan, so Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Weird Science, and many of the ‘brat pack’ ended up in St. Elmo’s Fire as you’ve stated. Lost Boys is a good one! I’m also a huge Spielberg fan, so Indiana Jones, E.T., Poltergeist, Close Encounters, Back to the Future.


Joey: Most of  the stuff I like are more from the 70s, but the ones right on the edge would be the original Tron, the Aliens films…Heavy Metal, Blade Runner, Outland, Total Recall & Running Man and stuff like that.



G: Yeah great all around. Any memories from seeing those films in the theatre when they were released? Were there any theatres you guys used to go to back in the day that meant a lot to you?


Joey: Didn’t see too many movies in the theater in the 80s….lots more in the 70s…I do remember catching Empire Strikes back one time.


Sabine: My first job was at Festival Cinemas, so at the time Back to the Future came out and that’s a fave. Where we grew up Cinema 1 was a big deal. Saw the Star Wars series, Dumbo, Grease, Raiders, etc. First theater to feature Lucas’s THX surround sound which was partly developed by our buddy, Henry Sandy Jacobs, back in the 60s.



G: Favorite John Carpenter films? I’m going with Escape from New York, Big Trouble in Little China and They Live.


Sabine: Halloween is a favorite in our household! The Fog is cool because parts of it were filmed in West Marin near where we grew up. All the ones with Kurt Russell are great too… Escape From New York, The Thing and Big Trouble.


Joey: Escape From New York is my go to, and I like The Fog.  Christine is pretty good too.


9G: Ah yeah for sure. Who inspired you more in life the characters Conan or Thulsa Doom and in what way?


Joey: Thulsa Doom…that guy was straight up…admitted, unapologetically, for being a killer when he was younger, revealed the Riddle of Steel and explained to Conan how he himself gave Conan the gifts of the passion and anger which strengthened him and how, without him, Conan would be lost….which ends up being the case at the end of the first movie…he’s sitting on the steps going …um…now what? …every Conan story is basically him wandering around not really knowing what to do and even when he becomes a king that guy is miserable and bored. Although Conan does have that indomitable will thing going for him.


G: Insightful bro. Such classic characters in Howard's work and the brilliant film.


Sabine: I’d first say Conan, as we can relate to him and his loves, his losses, his battles and fears, but he was constantly struggling, so I’d have to agree with Joey about Thulsa Doom.


G: Totally Sabine. That is too true about Conan. I can see people identify with him and his journey as well as the perspective of Thulsa Doom as a cool character as well. I know you guys are into Dungeons and Dragons. Man I love those old books. Not to mention the love people have for Valeria too. My favorite D&D book I once had was Deities and Demigods. Did D&D inspire you and in what ways?


Joey: Always! Life is like D&D…we all play characters based on our abilities and we can switch profession or class regularly with some limitations…also the game itself is excellent for learning communications skills and basic mathematics and organization…along with maybe some historical and literal references information. Then there is all the occult stuff, monsters, imagery, and fantastic story-telling which plays right into music composition and lyrics writing. We got the band name out of the Fiend Folio.


Sabine: I didn’t really grow up with D&D but I knew about it. Since knowing Joey we’ve played a bunch (with kids at the school usually) and for me it helped with being creative with my imagination in a public forum as well as team work with kids, plus I’m always checking for traps everywhere haha!


G: Insightful Joey for sure. Haha yeah Sabine right on. Okay guys you’re in a time machine and you wake up in August 20th, 1971. You have a choice to hit a theatre that night for one film, it’s either Werewolves on Wheels or Billy Jack before you head to a Zeppelin concert at the Seattle Center Coliseum. What’s the plan?


Joey: Well we’ve seen Billy Jack, so it’s Werewolves on Wheels for us!!


Sabine: Haha, sweet!


G: Favorite 80s action hero or villain?


Joey: I’d have to go with Schwarzenegger across the board…he’s Conan, The Terminator, plus Total Recall, Running Man and Predator! Dude is everywhere.


Sabine: I’m a Harrison Ford fan so Indiana Jones, Han Solo…although I do dig Doc Brown!



G: Of course. I loved all those too. Harrison Ford is one of the true greats. Yeah Dr. Emmet Brown is the man. Okay, Star trek time. Do you guys prefer the original series or The Next Generation and why? I love both so hard to say. I’m going with TNG because I am a Picard fan and big love for how they expanded on Klingons and brought in the Samurai style ethics and warrior spirituality.


Sabine: We’ve been doing a TNG marathon since we rediscovered it a few months ago. They really get pretty complex as the seasons go on. Although I love James T. Kirk, I’m really loving Picard. That guy’s got some balls and he’s been through so much from being tortured but Cardassians, to being assimilated by the Borg, to living a whole lifetime on Kataan with a wife and family and losing them….He’s been through shit, man!!! It also has a lot of strong female characters….Troi, Guinan, Crusher.


Joey: I would have said the original series, but I lean toward TNG now. It has the campyness and bad acting (esp. in the first season) like the original, but with more complexity and character development. There are more bit character episodes and all the stuff about Data and dealing with the Prime Directive is pretty cool.


Sabine: Yes, I like how Picard and the crew are always discussing the Prime Directive and weighing the pros and cons of certain situations based on it. It gets you thinking.


G: Totally. Favorite Star Wars Jedi and for what reason? I’m gonna choose Liam Neeson as Qui Gonn Jin. Across the map, he’s a great actor. Even though people are divided on the prequel movies I think his character and acting along with Ewan Macgregor as younger Obi Wan were pretty cool. Liam Neeson’s jedi was a good example of being more rounded spiritually and less one dimensional.


Sabine: I like young Luke Skywalker cuz he’s hot! Seriously though, I loved following his journey as a young warrior and his training with Yoda and Obi Wan.


Joey: I like Obi Wan because he beats the shit out of Anakin and, honestly, had been the voice of reason in all the SW films  as far as Jedi go…he had balls and was willing to break from tradition when he knew it felt wrong.


G: Most Star Wars fan know the Jedi (good guys) and the Sith (bad guys) from Star Wars. It’s interesting how Lucas laid a personal ethics code into each of their philosophies. Any thoughts on both and which do you two relate to most?


Sabine: We weren’t familiar with either of the codes, but upon looking them up we relate more to the Sith Code…


Joey: The Jedi code seems a bit like they are afraid to commit or make decisions and unite to make it happen while the Sith…aside from being careless toward life…are go getters. What is life without passion…I’d say an unending field of grey unbroken by emotion…with passion and emotion we can begin to bring life into color and explode into possibility…that takes some fire, and maybe some reckless abandon, which the Sith have…the Jedi are like a bucket of ‘Luke’-warm water.


G: I knew you guys were Sith jedi in disguise playing metal. Favorite comic store and why? I’m going with the Queen City’s Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find.


Sabine: We had a few great shops back in the Bay Area. There was a huge store called Fantasy Books and Games back in Santa Rosa. Also Ancient Dragon in San Rafael which went out of business in the early 2000s, and Blue Moon Comics. 


Joey: I used to hit up Atlantis Fantasy Land when I lived down near Santa Cruz in Salinas…there was another one called Pacific City Comics I think near Monterey…I grabbed a shirt from there when I was like 10.


G: What super hero do you relate to the most and in what way?


Sabine: I can relate to Buffy….she’s a bit of a loner and is underestimated all the time until she kicks some axe, haha!


Joey: I feel like Doctor Who…I’ve got my sexy companion and I’m going from place to place in time and space and I feel like I already know what’s happening but people are just f*ckin’ up my program.



G: Haha good ones. Classic Hammer Movies. Favorites? I’m going with Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter and Devil Rides Out.


Joey: We surprisingly haven’t seen any Hammer movies, but we’ll check out Captain Kronos because, you know….Caroline Munro.


G: Favourite beautiful Hammer Films actress? Many of course but today I am going with Caroline Munro.


Joey: Not familiar with most of the Hammer films, but as far as actresses go, Caroline Munro is definitely one of our favorites. We obviously love her in The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, At The Earth’s Core, Starcrash and her appearance in The Spy Who Loved Me, one of our favorite Bond films!


G: Golden Voyage of Sinbad, too awesome. Man those were so magical and I really to watch them again. Okay guys as for television in current days are you guys into Walking dead or no Walking Dead?  


Sabine: Watched the first years back…still don’t know what happened to the guy handcuffed on the roof, lol!


Joey: Yeah that dude lost his hand and then we faded from the show….musta been ten years ago haha


G: What’s your favorite zombie film? Of course we all love Romero. Today to be different for favorite zombie film on my choice, as an odd choice I’m going to pick Serpent and The Rainbow as it’s a long time favorite.


Sabine: We like some of the originals, but really took a liking to Zombieland. That’s probably our most favorite zombie flick. Harrelson, Eisenberg, Stone, Breslin and an appearance by Bill Murray ftw!


Joey: Yeah I dig Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead is a good one too. ‘Night of’ and ‘Dawn of’ are two of my faves tho.


Sabine: Now I want to watch Dawn of the Dead. It’s been a while but I love the whole mall thing. Kinda like Fast Times gone zombie!



G: Sabine I know your lyrics are inspired by fantasy like Ray Bradbury, Conan etc. Who has been the biggest influence on you with your writing? Joey any authors you’d like to mention? I know you are an Elric series, Michael Moorcock fan.


Sabine: Joey and I both write the lyrics for Disenchanter. Sometimes I’ll write my ideas and Joey will edit and expand on them, but a lot of the writing is done by Joey. I usually draw on movies or books for lyric ideas, but I don’t have one main influence. Moorcock, Bradbury, Burroughs, …those are all main influences.


Joey: Yeah, we will pull straight out of stories for our songs and I try to make them accurate to the tale when we do that. We also will draw form films we see as well. Moorcock, Bradbury, Heinlein, Howard, among many.


G: Thoughts on the great art back in the day? Frank Frazetta?


Joey: Frazetta is the best! I really love original D&D artists tho…Erol Otus, Jeff Dee, and Bill Willingham are some faves!


Sabine: Yup, I love Frazetta too! Other artists I admire are NC Wyeth, Michael Whelan, Alphonse Mucha, Luis Royo, Maxfield Parrish, just to name a few.


Joey: Oh yeah…Whalen is a fave! Can’t leave out Wrightson, Corben, or Vallejo/Bell as well. …and that Royo!


G: Alright Cthulu time. Any interest or thoughts on the work of HP Lovecraft? I’ve had a long time fascination with Lovecraft’s work. Favorite stories or thoughts on his mythos?


Joey: I’ve only ready a couple of stories….I’m only familiar with his work from a Necronomicon I used to own a really nice over-sized leather-bound edition. Second verse in our song Sorceries draws on some of the ideas of Lovecraft.


Sabine: Hey, I had the Necronomicon too!


Joey: I think our paperback is yours.


Sabine: Probably…I only ever had the paperbacks.



G: What about Del Toro? I think Pan’s Labrynth is brilliant.


Sabine: We dig on Pacific Rim and The Hobbit! A little sci-fi and fantasy


Joey: Pan’s Labyrinth was a crazy film…I think we had it for a while.


G: Favorite werewolf movie and why? I’m big on American Werewolf in London, Dog Soldiers, Howling.


Joey: I would go with American Werewolf in London just because of Jennifer Agutter, but we don’t watch it that much, so I’ll go with (plug your ears now!) the Twilight films, Harry Potter and Underworld.


Sabine: I’ll go with Twilight series…they always get a bad rap, but I dig the special effects…and Underworld is a great story.


G: Yeah good ones. Underworld is cool I am a film or two behind but I dig those. I am a big Harry Potter fan, classic mythology and themes for the world. Those films and books bring a lot of timeless themes, inspiration and magic to new generations worldwide. I think that's amazing. Any suggestions on new films, television or books you enjoy aside from our vintage talk?


Sabine: At the moment I haven’t been reading much, however (and here comes a shameless plug) I’ve done illustrations for PC Cast’s newer series, Tales of a New World. More specifically, Sun Warrior and Wind Rider. If you’re into dogs, lynx, horses and other animals it’s a great post apocalyptic world based here in the Pacific Northwest.



Joey: The new Alien movies, Pacific Rim and the newer Star Treks. We’re just getting into Netflix, so we’ll watch most of our older shows but we really dig The Flash.



G: That’s awesome Sabine, I will check the books and your artwork out, congrats. Okay one more for today. Godzilla or Ultra Man?


Sabine: Ultra Man all the way. Used to watch this while Mom was preparing dinner back in the 70s.


Joey: Yeah, man…huge Ultraman fan from back in the day. I also liked Jonny Socko and his Flying Robot! I like Godzilla too.


Really great, Ultraman and Gojira rule.  Happy Birthday to each of you as I know this weekend is both of your birthdays.  Thanks for making the time today and keep up the music. – G