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Today’s Featured Artist is the one and only great NeskÄ, vocalist of the very mighty group AFTER LIFE. A French musician by way of Spain, she formed the death metal band AFTER LIFE with guitarist Alex de Benito. They are currently working on their second album. We had a chance to ask her about her history, favorite music and inspiration as well as some news and more.


 1.Hey how are you today? Its good to speak with you.


Hello Gideon! The pleasure is mine!



2.Really cool thank you. Tell us a little about your background. Did you grow up in Spain and how did you get into being a musician?


I am French, I grew up in France. I came to Spain in 2012. For a while, I was the drummer in a HxC Metal band. One day in the rehearsal room I decided to sing a song, and the guys who with I was rehearsing with said: you have to be singer! Then I started a new project called Unbreath.




3.Yes okay. What were some of your favorite albums growing up?


I started listening to Death Metal when I was very young. All my friends were fans of Metallica and Iron Maiden, but I thought it was too slow hahah.

Gateways to Annihilation of Morbid Angel was my favorite! It is still one of my favorite albums today! I used to listen to Nile, Annihilation of the Wicked, and a lot of small underground bands. As a good Frenchy Death metal head, I was in love with Terra Incognita and The Link of Gojira! Haha




4.Did you see any concerts that really meant a lot to you and in what way?


Yes of course, I went to see Cannibal Corpse when I was an adolescent, and I remember saying "I want to sing like him and I want to move my neck and my hair like this guy" hahaha. 10 years later, I purchased a microphone, and did it! I also remember going to see Meshuggah years ago and becoming blind with all the lights, but it was absolutely amazing!!! But to me, the best show I have seen was Gojira, with THE LINK tour. That show was absolutely CRAZY! It was filmed in Bordeaux (France) if you guys want to watch it, it's called THE LINK alive!




5.That’s awesome. What inspired you to become a singer and what are some of your influences?


Without a doubt, George Fisher ("Corpsegrinder") was my idol when I was younger! I love his vocals. Frank Mullen from Suffocation is one of my influence too. I like deep growls! Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth, Bloodbath) is a good influence to me too, and, obviously, I can consider myself a big fan of Devin Townsend! He is a genius, his music is amazing, but his vocals, cleans or gutturals, are insane! I love it!


6.How did your band AFTER LIFE come together?


I had a band called Unbreath with Alex, the guitarist of AFTER LIFE. We decided to leave the band and create a new one. Then AFTER LIFE was born. We met musicians and started having some shows in Spain and France. But, Alex and I compose all the music and lyrics.




7.Very cool. What inspires you as a songwriter?


I will be honest, HUMANS. I observe and read a lot about humanity. Why we are here, what we do. How we destroy our planet etc. Our first album, we wrote about the imminent human annihilation. Our second album, we will talk about mental disorders of humanity. So, yes, I can tell everyone that humanity inspires me, especially the human dark side!



8.How do you feel about the music scene in Spain?


The scene in Spain is, in general, good. We have big metal bands coming here every week/month. Maybe we could have more extreme metal bands coming, it would be very cool, but the problem is the same everywhere: money! Death metal, Brutal Death metal is not very common here. Spain likes Heavy and Thrash metal.

For underground bands, it's not easy to play over here. But I think it's the same everywhere.


9. Right yeah. I know you are animal lover, tell us about your interests in this area?


Yes I am. I am against animal cruelty. I neither eat them nor use anything that has been used on animals. Also, I don’t use products with animal-derived ingredients. I can tell everyone that I am Vegan.

With After Life, we used to collect money during our shows, for animal shelters and other causes. We also made a videoclip called "Break The Silence", showing the truth about animal abuse. I personally help Sea Shepherd, an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization (https://seashepherd.org/).




10.That's great. What are some of your other creative outlets besides music? Do you have other forms of art?


Yes, I paint a lot, draw, tattoo, take photos, and make video edits etc. Lot of things haha

I started to sell my artwork last year, guitar paintings, paintings, drawings, lyric videos, and photography etc. But always in my circle of friends and "fans", under the name NeskÄ. Soon, I will work on a website or something to share my artwork. Look out for the website next year!


11.Cool. What is one life skill you feel everyone should have?


That is a very difficult question haha. Pfff, I can't say it is just one thing, I will have to say there are a few such as; People need to have more self-criticism, critical-thinking and knowledge. I am not saying anything new, we live in a society where people are conditioned to think and act one way or another, they are like sheep obeying without thinking for themselves. It makes me sad, honestly.


12.Do you have any spiritual beliefs or personal philosophy?


Yes, of course! "Vis et laisse vivre!" in French haha, that means "Live and let live". I just want everyone to be happy with their short time on Earth. It's maybe a utopia, but it would be awesome haha.


13.What are some of your favorite films or books?


I don’t have favorite, I love a lot of books and films. I like to read books of Eckhart Tolle, Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, Oscar Wilde etc.

Movies...I am fan of Interstellar, I love that movie. But, I am more into horror movies, old ones and new ones. For example, George A. Romero movies (for old ones), and I like the Insidious movies, things like that. Weird movies haha. I am a big fan of Robin Williams movies too!


14.Is there any news with AFTER LIFE you’d like to share?


We are actually recording the second AFTER LIFE album. This album will be much more death metal, with a lot of very deep riffs, I personally love this new album. I am trying new vocal techniques etc. Less clean vocals for sure, not because I don't like them, it is because the music inspires me to sing more... gutturals!

We are still using samplers on the new album.

The songs are also very dark. This is because the theme of the CD "Mental Disorders" will show the darkest side of the human mind! I am the singer, and to me, it's very important to take time to write the lyrics, and to pay attention to all the details. I am a perfectionist in my personal work.





15.Great, look forward to hearing the new album. Any last words for your fans today?



Yes, I would like to thank each and every one of my "followers" (I don't like that word haha). All those who support me and send me good vibes every day! I am very grateful and I always find a way to show them I appreciate it! Thank you very much to them, and to you and people like you who take the personal time to make interviews and help people like me to grow! Thank you very much!





Thanks to you and keep us updated on the news, rock on - G