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Tonight’s Featured Artist is The Queen City’s famous DJ, well loved and respected across the country the main man That Guy Smitty (Anthony Smitty Smith). We sat down with Smitty for a talk about his history, thoughts on music and being a DJ and more. Always a chilled kind guy, he brings a lot of good with the vibe he creates in Charlotte. Always busy with his DJ work, you can find Smitty keeping up the jams and soon hear his new project with friends (like Jason Herring and Jason Cooper) entitled Muchacho. Check out this interview with one of the city’s most well loved and appreciated figures in the club scene. - G     (All photos by Daniel Coston)

Our Featured Artist on a rain drenched sunday night is none other than the mighty Oliver Hill. Guitarist for Grave Lines and Dead Witches, known and loved by many in music scenes worldwide. Oliver gave us some time in a break in his busy schedule to talk a bit about the current news with his music, his background, thoughts on the musical process and more. - G

Today’s Featured Artist is the one and only great NeskÄ, vocalist of the very mighty group AFTER LIFE. A French musician by way of Spain, she formed the death metal band AFTER LIFE with guitarist Alex de Benito. They are currently working on their second album. We had a chance to ask her about her history, favorite music and inspiration as well as some news and more.

Today’s Featured Artist is none other than the one man sludecore army, the long standing underground music scene veteran Rik Surly of Thunderchief. Scorching an unapologetic, brazen path out of Richmond Virginia across the USA, Thunderchief kicks out the jams with a solid refusal to follow the punk or metal scene herd mentality that ruins many wanna be’s of today’s so called rebellious heavy music groups. We had a one on one chat with the controversial rock soldier and found him to be a easy going, friendly down to earth guy ready to talk about his love of music, history and some news with TC. Many people know Rik from over the years, as a no nonsense individual whose main concern is simply the music. Thunderchief has some new music coming down the line and may appear to wreak havoc at a venue near you, with or without your permission.

Tonight's Featured Artist is none other than Seattle music duo Year Of The Cobra. YOTC are a righteous music experience. Amy Tung Barrysmith and Jon Barrysmith on bass/vocals and drums provide a huge,interesting sound crossing boundaries and making fans worldwide. We caught up with them tonight for the latest news and a little background on their music and thoughts on many subjects.

On a burning summer afternoon in the Queen City we sat down with singer/songwriter and outstanding musician Jason Herring. Known for his long history in various groups out of the Carolina music scene, Jason has been making waves for years with his group Jason Herring and the Mystery Plan. We caught up for some of his latest news, a little background history and thoughts on music. The city streets of Charlotte offer something bright and genuine as Herring and friends have much music to give.

On a long rain drenched Saturday night we connected with doom metal icon the great Gary Isom for a new Featured Artist interview. Introductions are needless, Gary is the man and a bad ass musician. These days Gary has been singing and playing guitar in his new band Electropathic. He also rocks in Druids, with the band Weed is Weed and also a new band KOS. Gary’s passion for music is unlimited as he teaches music students, performs live, records and crosses the scene in many great groups. Jump in for a great conversation as The Ice man tells it like it is in all things rock and roll.

(Harley with Renzo Gracie)

Our Featured Artist this weekend is a very special guest, NY hardcore legend the great Harley Flanagan. The founding member of the mighty Cro-Mags, Harley is known, loved and respected worldwide for his music and also his love for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Tonight we had the opportunity to interview him about his experiences, history and thoughts on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and martial arts exclusively. Big thanks to Harley for taking the time for this great interview.

Our Featured Artist on Cosmic-rock.com today is none other than the one and only Shawn Anthony Brown singer from Madison WI's reigning top rock band Seven Seasons Deep. Shawn has been singing in bands for decades and writing excellent songs loved worldwide. Always with a spiritual eye and a down to earth attitude, Shawn truly loves music and stands alone in his unique delivery and abilities in music. Today we catch up on the news with Seven Seasons Deep and talk a little about life.

Our Featured Artist entry for February is dedicated to remembering our friend Jim "The Rev." Forrester. Jim was a well loved underground musician known for his music, his enthusiasm for underground metal and most of all his big heart for his family and friends. Jim passed away several months ago, we will always miss him. Today we repost an interview from the past with Jim and friend Gideon having a conversation about many interesting topics. Rest in power Jim, a great friend loved and missed by many.


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