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Cosmic Rock

Our Featured Artist on Cosmic-rock.com today is none other than the one and only Shawn Anthony Brown singer from Madison WI's reigning top rock band Seven Seasons Deep. Shawn has been singing in bands for decades and writing excellent songs loved worldwide. Always with a spiritual eye and a down to earth attitude, Shawn truly loves music and stands alone in his unique delivery and abilities in music. Today we catch up on the news with Seven Seasons Deep and talk a little about life.

Our Featured Artist entry for February is dedicated to remembering our friend Jim "The Rev." Forrester. Jim was a well loved underground musician known for his music, his enthusiasm for underground metal and most of all his big heart for his family and friends. Jim passed away several months ago, we will always miss him. Today we repost an interview from the past with Jim and friend Gideon having a conversation about many interesting topics. Rest in power Jim, a great friend loved and missed by many.


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