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Our Featured Artist on Cosmic-rock.com today is none other than the one and only Shawn Anthony Brown singer from Madison WI's reigning top rock band Seven Seasons Deep. Shawn has been singing in bands for decades and writing excellent songs loved worldwide. Always with a spiritual eye and a down to earth attitude, Shawn truly loves music and stands alone in his unique delivery and abilities in music. Today we catch up on the news with Seven Seasons Deep and talk a little about life.


1.Hey Shawn good to hear from you man how have you been?

I've been great! Still training at fighting, mixing it up. As of late I've been training with some Boxing buddies. Teaching them a little Kyokushin, them training me in STAMINA (AKA Boxing). At 51 I really think I'm in the best shape of my life. OSU!

2.Great bro glad to see youre doing so well. How is the band, any news with 7SD?

7 Seasons Deep has had a few hurdles, even a few punches to the (proverbial) face. But we have risen above these obstacles to become stronger than ever! Our next recording sessions will begin in April. By far our best work yet! But definitely check out our first 2 albums "7 Seasons Deep" and "Nowhere Land." At most all of the
Digital distribution sites.

3.Awesome bro look forward to hearing it. So you guys are recording your new album tell us all about it.

Far more Bluesy with that 70's kind of in the pocket Zepppelin-esque riffage happening now. But then again, we've got 1 song cut from the Sabbath cloth as well. So I guess we maintain the eclectic mood throughout. Sometimes we go way outside the box.

4.How are the live shows going and what the last year been like for the band?

We finished last year with a great show! We played with 2 of our favorite Madison Rock bands. Cold Black River and Subatomic. If you haven't heard either one of these bands do yourself the favor and look these guys up! But we've been doing a few big shows every Summer like Brat Fest and Taste of Madison. We're still working on Summerfest in Milwaukee and playing some far away shows up North. We're hoping to spread our fanbase out to the outer parts of Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa and of course Illinois.

5.Cool bro, I will check those guys out. Whats the scene like in Madison, WI?

A lot of good young bands have been popping up on the scene lately. But also, a lot of the seasoned veterans such as us, have been putting new (and old) projects together.  I'd say the Madison scene is alive and well! Also, a few new venues have recently popped up as well. It's a great time to be a musician in the Madtown! If you're really interested tune into jjo.com every Sunday Night at 8pm Central to hear all of the hottest rock bands Madison has to offer!

6. What has been inspiring your songwriting this time around?

I still love writing about the elements. Water, Fire, Earth, Air, they're all in there my brother! You can't leave love and heartbreak out of the blues either my friend. And of course, there's that ever impending ass beating that some deserving wrongdoer gets thrown in for good measure!

7.Any good music you would recommend these days?

I can't go very long without listening to 12 Foot Ninja. Their music just makes me happy! And I truly love Kin's vocal stylings. what a talented group of young lads they are!


8.How has your music grown since the early days?

Sideways.....Just kidding, I've re-embraced my roots definitely and also tried to stay true to some of my signature vocalizing. As you age and change, you need to make subtle tweaks and changes without losing the integrity of the sound of your voice. I like to think I still sound chocolatey and velvety...mmmm

9.Outside of music talk, What life skill do you feel everyone should have?

I feel like as a culture, we have forgotten how to be empathetic and truly our brothers keeper. I'd rather hug everyone in the world than punch them. Especially those who are already downtrodden and face obstacles of their own making. It feels like a good part of the people who live in this country are sociopaths. So my answer to your question is LOVE. Everyone should learn to love.



10. That's a good answer man, and yeah bro I say it all the time, there are too many sociopaths walking around in the world right now. I feel like current times encourage people to be like that. It's unfortunate those traits are cultivated and encouraged by such ignorant people. I see it a lot in North Carolina. I'm glad there are brighter spirits out making the world a better place. What do you feel were some of your mistakes in your life and some of your best choices?

I wish I hadn't started drinking at such a young age. Maybe I wouldn't have become such an alcoholic.
I'm soooo glad I stuck it out and stayed in Kyokushin for all those years. Virtues gained death does not separate! Osu!


11. Right on. What do you feel best embodies strength in a musician and freedom in music?

At least for singers, I say sing with the fierceness of your soul and project it from your center, your 3rd eye and your voice. A singer can command this way.



12.Very cool. What advice would you give to a younger artist starting out today?

Always, Always ALWAYS respect your bandmates. Other great musicians you gell with well are not always easy to come by. Especially in small towns! You don't want to be singing, you don't know what you got til' it's gone....

13.That's for sure. What mistakes do you feel most bands make? From your experience as an artist how would you encourage them to avoid the issues?

Be modest. No one likes a pompous prick. Be humble and appreciate criticism. Both good and bad. it's my best advice. Be passionate of your work and let the people feel that passion when they hear you. No go forth and ROCK!!!


14.  In what ways has your perspective shifted about music scenes since you began playing?

Live music doesn't seem to be as popular as it was in the 90's. And since technology has made it so easy for some to record and lip sync or sing along to their prerecorded tracks, I feel like REAL music has taken a backseat to convenience and vocoding. I do though, just recently see an uptick in good musicianship among the youth. The days of GG Allen types are long gone bye, but I do recall opening for Jesus Lizard in like 95' or 96' at this little
punk bar in Madison called O'Cayz Corral. People were diving off the bar, it was complete mayhem!!! I don't believe anyone was hurt....But I'm not  100% sure...Just saying, I'm glad I was around to be in, and play to an insane self destructing crowd.

15.I remember hearing about that show. Do you have other creative interests outside of music?
Lately I love the retro platform gaming systems. I have a Raspberry Pi that I love dearly. I recently aquired some 8BitDo controllers that have made my gaming flashbacks even more surreal!!! I passed the water level in Super Mario Brothers wich makes me very happy!


16. Awesome brother.  Any last words for your fans?

I would just ask people to realize I'm a NC native and check out how I brought that vibe all the way up to Wisconsin. When I was young, I was taught how to play the  Blues Harp by an old African American gentleman that must have seen something in me. I remember how much time it took him to explain to me how to bend a note. I remember how he taught me to do a run. I wish I could remember his name. Ya'll need to go to 7seasonsdeep.com, check us out on spotify or any other digital outlets you can find us on! Ya'll should watch and listen as much as you can, I want to come play a home show so bring us out!  Love you GID.


Back at you brother. Always good to hear from you and catch up on your news. Cant wait to hear the new record.