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Tonight’s Featured Artist is The Queen City’s famous DJ, well loved and respected across the country the main man That Guy Smitty (Anthony Smitty Smith). We sat down with Smitty for a talk about his history, thoughts on music and being a DJ and more. Always a chilled kind guy, he brings a lot of good with the vibe he creates in Charlotte. Always busy with his DJ work, you can find Smitty keeping up the jams and soon hear his new project with friends (like Jason Herring and Jason Cooper) entitled Muchacho. Check out this interview with one of the city’s most well loved and appreciated figures in the club scene. - G     (All photos by Daniel Coston)


1.Hey man good to speak with you today, how have you been?


Been doing well brother!  Thanks for reaching out!


2.Glad to hear man. Yeah of course anytime. What have you been up to lately?


Just busy with the family and my crazy gig/work schedule!  Trying to work on new original solo material as well as a new Muchacho record!


3.Very cool. Are you from Charlotte originally?


Yup...born and raised.


4.Growing up what were some of your favorite albums or artists and why?


Prince, Curtis Mayfield, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Eric B. & Rakim, P-Funk


5.Did you see any concerts or music performances that really inspired you?


Saw Prince like 7 times live!  He was my fav!


6.Damn that’s amazing. How did you get into wanting to be involved in music as a DJ?


Local DJ and my mentor Andy Kastanas at Park Elevator/Mythos & DJ Mark Farina inspired me to start!  Also, my buddy’s Eli Gibson and Baron Ford from my Air Force days.


7.Very cool. How do you approach your DJ work as a catharsis, as entertainment, as an emotional expression?


All of the above, really...I treat it like a brand and am always challenging myself to be consistent and to get better!




8.In what ways do you feel your work enriches your life?


It allows me a creative and emotional release.  I also make a respectable amount of money doing it.  I’m able to provide for my family and enrich people’s lives (so I’m told) with my mixes.


9.That’s great. What are some of your favorite songs and for what reason?


Damn man...that’s a tough question!


10.Do you travel outside of the QC area for your Dj work?


I’ve had the pleasure of playing from coast to coast and for folks I would have never thought I’d meet!


11.What do you feel is the next inspired step with your music?


To start/continue to produce my own music and possibly tour the dance circuit in support of it.


12.Really great. Any favorite films?


Pootie Tang...it’s a great American Classic!


13.Favorite books?


Anything by Douglas Adams


14.What is one life skill you feel everyone should have?


Effective communication and empathy for others.


15.Yeah for real. What have been some of your greatest victories in life and your past mistakes that you feel you learned from?


Raising a family is my greatest accomplishment.  And, I make mistakes all the time...hopefully they are teaching me something.




16.If you were encouraging a young DJ just starting out how would you do so?


Love the music you play, and get to know it well.  If you do...skills will come as you continue to practice and perform.  Also, develop your own style and keep your mind & ears open for new things.


17.Great. How do you feel about the nightclubs and work in Charlotte NC?


There a a few bright spots in the city...but, it’s mostly a commercial wasteland.  Not many cutting edge or underground spots for a city this size.


18.Sure yeah. Do you have other creative outlets and how do you explore them?


Just music man.  I’m trying to get into my own production...to develop my own sound.  But, it’s a slow go with all the other responsibilities I have.


19.Do you write songs or play any instruments in bands too?


I’ve done a few remixes, and I’m in a electronic music group called Muchacho with Jason Herring and Jason Cooper.  It’s a downtempo/house music affair.  We’re working on new tunes and should have a new project out sometime in the not so distant future.  And, as I mentioned earlier, I’m slowly working on some solo material...deep house music.


20.Awesome look forward to hearing it. Any last words or news for your audience today?


I’d just like to say thanks for all the love that my hometown of Charlotte has shown me over my career as a DJ!  You’ve all blessed me to be able to share my passion for music, and I really appreciate that!


Thanks very much man and keep up the jam – G