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Tonight we catch up with very cool singer Shy Kennedy from the group Horehound. Shy is also the organizer behind the popular Descendants of Crom festival which is about to begin its’ third anniversary in September. She took the time to catch us up on her news and talk a bit about the fest. Dig this interview up now on CR. - G


Today our guest interview on CR is the respected photographer Chris Boarts Larson. Out of Richmond,VA Larson is well known in underground music for her excellent photos for many years. Today we discussed many interesting aspects of her history, photography and inspiration.


Today we have a very cool talk with Erik Bigelow from the group Ember. Formed 2015, Ember is a popular new group featuring the duo of Erik and Crystal Bigelow and Mark Bucanan. Influenced by  Soundgarden, Goatsnake, Isis, Black Moth, Clutch, Bjork, YOB and Royal Thunder Ember has been gathering excellent reviews for their sound and winning over many fans. Erik took the time today to catch up with us for this great talk on CR. Check out Ember and this new interview with the very down to earth Erik Bigelow.

(Photos by: Lewis Giles)

On a burning hot saturday afternoon we caught up with very cool singer Kayla Dixon for a chat with CR. Kayla is the vocalist for the groups Witch Mountain and Dress The Dead, two very popular underground heavy acts. We sat down with the gracious Kayla for an interview about her background, musical influences, band news and thoughts on many subjects today. Enjoy this talk with an excellent singer and musician, the awesome Kayla Dixon.

Today on Cosmic Rock. com we have a new interview with singer Chelsea Strickland. Chelsea is the frontwoman of Florida powerhouse death metal band Accursed Creator. Contributing writer Gail Ice had a great talk with Chelsea about her music, influences and many subjects.

On a hot thursday afternoon guest contributor Gail sits down with long time Charlotte based guitarist DZ Mauldwin (Shotgun Saints, Union Jax and Anacreon) for a very interesting talk about his history, favorites and thoughts on many subjects. Check out this very cool talk with DZ and Gail about all things rock and roll and more.

(photo credit: Return To The Pit)

This sunday night on Cosmic we have guest Indrayudh Shome from the group Queen Elephantine. Indrayudh and his band are starting a tour this week and have an upcoming new album entitled “Gorgon” on Argonauta Records. Check out this very interesting conversation about his music, background and thoughts on many subjects. – G

Tonight on Cosmic we had a chat with Suzi and Tim from popular psych rock band Black Road. Recently holed up in the studio working on seven new songs of swirling bluesy rock, Black Road are about to whip out a new awesome album. To get an inside look we sat down with Suzi and Tim for a conversation about the recording process and get the firsthand news. Check out this interview for the latest from the awesome group Black Road.

Tonight on our guest is the very cool group Valentine Wolfe. Formed in 2006, Valentine Wolfe is the combined effort of Sarah Black and Braxton Ballew. Imagine Sarah Brightman being backed by Francois Rabbath blowing through a Marshall stack at midnight.  Having dubbed their music "Victorian Chamber metal", the duo have synthesized a love of metal, classical and industrial, infusing them with a Victorian sensibility that evokes the likes of Bram Stoker and Edgar Allan Poe. Guest writer Gail Ice sat down with the duo for this very interesting interview.

Always had a love and respect for my bro Al Yeti Bones keeping up the rock in the Canadian scene. Coming down the line from the Great White North to the Carolina woodlands I had a catch up and great interesting talk with Al Yeti today. Keeping it easy on a chilled out sunday, we talked about his band' s new record, his life pursuits and news, a little about the japanese art of Reiki and his future plans. Always inspiring to see Al Yeti on the move with his plans and projects and good to connect. Dig this talk with Al Yeti Bones and hitch a ride with Gypsy Chief Goliath on the long and winding road. - G

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