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Today we had a pow wow with the mighty Aaron Wall, main man behind the group Red Beard Wall. Aaron and I had an excellent talk about his band's news, song writing, life and more in this interview on Always a good talk when Aaron and I rap about music and a method to the mission of music magic. - G


1.Hey Aaron, howre you bro? Great to catch up with you.

AARON- Greetings brother Gideon! I'm doing tremendously well! Really appreciate the opportunity to be with you!


2.Glad to hear dude. Thanks for making time to talk today. We appreciate you bro. What has been going on with Red Beard Wall in the last year?

AARON - Red Beard Wall has had a fantastic year! The debut record came out last May on Argonauta Records and has been received really well. It's a great feeling to put your heart and soul into the art, and people be receptive to it. Extremely proud of that. We traveled the country playing shows here, there, and, everywhere. Been focused on working hard and doing everything possible to give RBW the best chance to succeed...whatever that means. Haha.


3.Congrats on the record and it’s success, you deserve it man. Glad you are playing a lot of good shows. Have you guys been working on new music?

AARON -  Yes sir! As we speak i am head deep into demoing the new record. All songs have been written and i am more than thrilled with how they're coming along. I know it's cliché, but honestly this new collection of jams are a huge growth from the debut.  Really happy with it and excited for everyone to hear it! It’ll be recorded the second half of March, first part of April. Shooting for an early fall release. Can't wait!


4.Great man, yeah for real the new songs often show the growth of the music and the person’s journey in a new chapter. Look forward to hearing them brother. How have the live gigs been going?

AARON - The live shows have been great! There have been surprisingly very few duds. Better than that, there have been some really special ones. Playing with Foghound and Torche to mention a few.


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5.Hey cool bands for sure. So you're on your way to SxSW this year?

AARON - Yeah brother! Headed to SXSW in a couple weeks to be a part of the behemoth fest that is Stoner Daze!  Super super stoked about it. Huge opportunity for the band, and i plan on seizing it. Gonna be really good!


6.Awesome man hope the show goes amazing for you. What has been inspiring your songwriting?

AARON - I've been getting inspiration from everywhere it seems these days. From the insane state of the world and specifically the US, but also from many powerful positive sources as well. I always get a lot of inspiration from trying to better myself, mind, body, and spirit.


7.Any good music you would recommend these days?

AARON - As far as new music, i've been a little out of touch lately in the big scheme. I've been completely immersed in the new album, but there are some amazing bands coming out of Texas. From Monte Luna, to Duel, from Destroyer of Light and Pyreship, to Doomstress and Greenbeard. So much great and exciting music. On a national scale, The Ditch and the Delta are stellar!!

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8.Yeah man I am often caught up in my writing and path and don’t always know the latest on new bands when I’m working on my own music, but those are some cool ones for sure. That’s good Texas has a cool scene as always. How has your music grown since the early days?

AARON - It's grown so much and in so many different ways. Early on, as most heavy bands when you're young its all about anger, vitriol, and aggression. A lot of the themes and lyrics were about internal conflict. Where as now its more of an examination of the external perspective of life and society. Honestly though, i just let whatever needs to flow out, do just that. I'm just a vessel. I dont claim a whole lot of responsibility in the process, i just stay mentally and emotionally open in order for "it" to do it's thing.

9.Yeah well said for real, most heavy style bands especially when they’re young and starting out every song is inspired by anger and the heavy music calls the emotion out to release. But yeah sometimes as musicians in heavy genres keep on creating other inspirations and emotions bring songs too. Yeah man I have always said a musician is a vessel, kind of like a pipe that carries water, you just carry the song and it comes through you and out to the world. Outside of music talk, What life skill do you feel everyone should have?

AARON - Kindness. Just be kind to each other. If we all just work on that one concept, we will make huge strides. Be kind, be grounded, be gracious, be compassionate.


10. Yeah man for real, qualities all people should cultivate, embrace, encourage in themselves and others as they walk in this world. What do you feel were some of your mistakes in your life and some of your best choices?

AARON - I've made many, many mistakes. Starting young with substance abuse. That in turn spirals life down, and in my instance,  it took me to the bottom. I've been sober for over 5 years now and it's definitely a proud life accomplishment. The biggest thing that put me on the good path was meeting my wife. She saved me in more ways than i can count. I truly owe her most all that i have become. My marriage, my kids, and my art, are my greatest life accomplishments.




11. Right on. What do you feel best embodies strength in a musician and freedom in music?

AARON - Simply put, it's YOUR art. It's very important and should be respected. Settle for nothing less. And work your ass off. Period. Do those two things and you'll be on the right path.



12.Totally bro, too many musicians are caught up trying to be part of a scene or please people who really don’t matter, it’s always best to focus on your music, your art, and be yourself completely. Yeah I always tell people working hard and working smart is the key. What advice would you give to a younger artist starting out today?

AARON - See above answer, and always, always believe in what you're doing. If you don’t, no one else will. Put ALL of yourself into it. 



13.What mistakes do you feel most bands make? From your experience as an artist how would you encourage them to avoid the issues?

AARON - The main mistake I see over and over is a lot of younger bands love the "idea" of being in a band, so they can say they're in a "band,"  but not so much the actual work of being a professional musician. It takes a lot of sacrifice. Nobody will give you shit, and nobody owes you shit. You have to go get what you want and what you're passionate about. Arrogance and complacency will destroy you. 


14. The perception of being in a band that many fans and young musicians just starting out begin with is often an idealized, dream inspired view they get from how much they love music and the musicians that inspired them and wanting to achieve the life they imagine their role models have. Often they personify an illusion of it all before they actually get in the process of doing it. Really, the world needs fresh young bright perspectives to keep it true but also the reality of the business and undertaking of it all can be arduous and stress ridden. Yeah as for your point for sure, many people don’t realise how much work it is. But if your motivation for playing music is rooted in what it started in, because of your love for it and you’re true to that the process is just another adventure and series of challenges. Especially in the entertainment ‘business’ and today’s climate. Nobody owes you anything and it’s a gift when anybody is cool at all on your path. It’s good to believe in yourself without being stupid arrogant and to value the good that comes your way. It’s a privilege to be a musician and an artist and have people care about what you do, really you owe them instead of them owing you anything at all. In what ways has your perspective shifted about underground music scenes since you began playing?


AARON -  I feel the underground scene is better and stronger than it's ever been. There is a great deal more camaraderie and genuine support than there used to be. It's not so much of a competition.  Our scene is a family and is all about helping each other. I like the way it operates much more now. It's everyone helping everybody.



15.Thats true and awesome to hear, it reminds me of the way scenes were more unified many years ago. That’s the way it should be when creative people gather. Because music isn’t a competition like a sport, people should encourage and be supportive of each other while following their own path. Do you have other creative interests outside of music and your artwork?

AARON - Family and music. Music and family. Those are my two main focuses. Just being the best human i possibly can. Got a long way to go but I’m loving the process.

16. Awesome brother.  Any last words for your fans?

AARON - Tons of upcoming shows so, come see us if you're anywhere close to our vicinity!  Please keep and eye and ear out for new album in the fall on Argonauta Records! Gonna be a banger! Lastly,  much much appreciation to you Gideon. It's a true honor to call you my brother! Thank you to everyone for the support, big and small. It truly means more than words could say.  Much love and respect. ALL HAIL!!!


Back at you brother and an an honor to call you a friend and brother as well. Thank you for all the love and respect you send my way bro. Rock on man, G