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Today our spotlight interview on is Brittany “The Golden Girl” Giles. A Muay Thai fighter out of Frederick, Maryland Giles is on the move with her fight career and making waves. We sat down with Brittany to get the low down on her background, interests and thoughts on martial arts. On our website we interview all kinds of interesting individuals from all walks of life (musicians, artists, film makers, etc.) so today we discuss the fight game with a very cool person. Check out this interview with The Golden Girl as she takes a break in her training to discuss a wide range or subjects.

1.Hey Brittany nice to talk to you. How are you doing today?


A: I am Great thank you!


2.How did you get into martial arts? Did you begin with an interest in MMA?


A: I have always had an interest in MMA, the gym that i go to is Soldierfit, they actually opened an MMA side in 2013 i wanted to learn self defense at first but ended up loving the striking game.




3.You train at Fort Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Frederick MD. Tell us about the school, how did you begin there and who is your teacher?

A: l started doing bootcamp classes and then they opened the MMA side in 2013 so i started taking personal self defenses and BJJ (Brazilian ju jitsu). My coach is Zach Davis, he competed in the Ultimate fighter 13, hes a really great coach, has taught me a lot over the years.



4.Are you interested in other traditional martials arts? I know other fighters may study Muay Thai, western style boxing, Savatte, Aikido etc.

A: I compete Muay Thai, that is my passion , I have tried Jiu Jitsu but my heart loves the striking game. That's why i love Muay Thai.



5.You must have a very vigorous training routine. What do you do to stay on top of your game?

A: I train 6 days out of the week, it's all based around cardio, I do Circut training, High intensity training, lifting and Muay Thai skills training plus sparring.



6.What about diet and meal planning for health and sport?

A: Diet, I don't even like that word lol, I call it clean eating. I do my meal preps on Sundays, that way it doesn't interfere with work, training and family time. I stick to a high protein diet, low sodium and no carbs at night. If i do consume carbs during the day it would be good complex carbs like brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, beans and Oats.




7.Did other fighters inspire you? Who and in what way?

A:  Yes, Ronda Rousey acutally made interested in the fighting game, I ended up loving  Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Valentinia Shevchenko and Holly Holm due to their striking game. They all are great at what they do, I always watch their you tube videos to study their styles.



8.Recently we honored the memory of the late Bruce Lee, founder of Jeet Kun Do and Chinese martial artist, film star. Any thoughts on Bruce Lee and how he shaped modern martial arts?

A: Bruce Lee is a legend to the Martial arts game, I always loved his one inch chest punch!



9.How about your mental perception? Do you picture anyone’s face when you are training or fighting to inspire you and how so?

A: No, I always visualize how i picture my win during every fight camp, always leave whatever is bothering me in the cage/ ring it gives me my motivation as well.



10.Do you want your daughter to be a fighter too when she grows up?

A: I think it would be awesome, but i know everyone has their own path and I am cool with whatever her heart chooses, everybody is different.



11.How do you feel as a woman in the fight industry?

A: It feels good to contribute to the growth of female fighting, its hard to find fights being a female. I've had females that would commit to a fight and then not show, always thankful when i do get a fight and it goes through.


12.Would you ever step outside of Muay Thai and fight in other styles as you see some athletes do in recent years?

A: I love to fight Muay Thai but wouldn't mind trying an MMA fight, I always have people whispering in my ear about that lol.


13.Do you feel or have any sense of spirituality about your Muay Thai studies?

A: Yes, definitely I feel like this is my calling, everything comes natural to me, I feel i was born to compete.


14.If you could team up with any other fighters who would be your dream team?

 Yes! this is an awesome question! My dream team would be Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Valentina Shevchenko, Holly Holm and Tiffany Time bomb I love all their styles but they all have one thing in common they come from a MuayThai / Kickboxing background.


15.Do you like to listen to certain music when you train?

A: I like to listen to Rap and rock/ metal, i know its a weird combination of music but it's what gets me going, I listen to all kinds of music not just to one specific genre.


16.You had a fight recently on November 17th. Can you tell us about it and how did it go?

A:  Well, not the outcome i wanted but It went all Five rounds and i unfortunately lost to a unanimous decision. My opponent was a tough one she has experience in competing, actually competed in MMA and has been transitioning back in forth between MMA and Muay Thai.



17.Looking back at the match how would you apply the experience to your next one?

Be the Aggressor! the last match i was too concerned on counter punching rather than being the first to attack, i know what i need to work on to make my next fight a better one and win.


18.What advice would you give a new fighter just starting out?

A: Don't get discouraged, There will be a lot of obstacles that will tend to get in your way don't let it stop you from what you want to do/ be. Train hard, be humble and give it all you got! If you lose, don't let it stop you, i know a lot of people that lose a match and don't continue because they think they are not any good, That is totally false. Every fight is a learning experience, I feel you learn more from a lose then a win just don't let it define you, grow from it. 




19.So far what have been your biggest victories and challenges on the way?

Biggest challenges would be trying to balance family, work and training time, also finding Female Opponents in the same weight class. My biggest victory would be having a good team to help me through fight camp/ competition and make me better, always have been blessed with great people to help me along the way!


20.Thanks very much Brittany, so tell us what is the next step in your journey?

Thanks for having me! My next step will be Nationals in June/ July of 2019, if i win then i will proceed onto worlds which i think are in Rome, Italy. I may be wrong but i know it's somewhere over there. My ultimate goal is to go pro, but in the meantime i am just going to work hard and focus on my next fight!


Awesome Brittany, wishing you much success on your path. Thanks for taking the time for the interview today and keep us updated on your news. - G