Cosmic Rock

La Chinga is a hard rock power trio from Vancouver, Canada.  Their influences are worn proudly in the names of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, James Gang, Deep Purple, Motorhead, UFO, Van Halen, Thin Lizzy, Humble Pie and the Stooges. Today we had a chance to interview Carl Spackler, bassist and vocalist. Carl is joined by Ben Yardley on Guitars, Vocals and Jason Solyom on Drums in the Small Stone Records label group. Check out this interesting talk with Carl and check out La Chinga.

1.Hey guys how're you? Good to catch up with you today. We are great! Cheers Gideon!

2.Good to hear. Cheers bro. Tell us a little about the background of the group. How did you guys meet and form La Chinga? Well It was in the year of the no lord 2012. In the dark wilderness just outside Vancouver, BC, where lost youths teemed in search of the true power of ROCK, three men—chosen by occult forces too sinister to name—rose up in answer to that dire and baleful call. With their electric black magic unleashed and in full flight, they bonded with the children of the forest over Cro-Magnon riffage, pounding drums, banshee wails, bell bottoms, boogie vans and the sweet miracle of tequila. Through sheer stoopidity, brutality, violence and volume they honed their primordial craft into a sonic axe of stone, opening skulls with deadly precision for as far as the pterodactyl flew. They would meet regularly, when the moon was full, filling their bellies with intoxicating wild berries, their faces wet with lizard blood as they summoned an unholy frenzy of righteous and orgiastic riffage, bashing out pagan odes to some long forgotten bronze age GOD. Through their music they traveled back in time—to the year UR, where they became wild and their manes grew shaggier. And thru this transmogrification their vision became clear, the seas of bullshit parted before them and they were free to shuffle off the chains of modern society and raise a stubby and musk-tinged middle finger to the craven new world.  Their war cry became their name, their name... La Chinga! Their mission: to vanquish all foes.  Three men. They howl, growl, prowl and stomp upon the terra in a glorious march to free man from his own mortal enemy—HIMSELF! Thats pretty much it in a nutshell!


3.What classic records or concerts did you see that inspired you back in the day and in what way? Concerts, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Motorhead, Rush, AC/DC, Van Halen, Beyond Possession, Aerosmith, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Voivod, Johnny Winter, ZZ Top, Screaming Trees, Peter Green.

Albums, so many Zep 2 really fired my brain when I was a kid, so did AC/DC. We listen to lots of stuff, from the late 60's Blue Cheer records, James Gang, Hawkwind,   to the punk Rolla of the 90's like The Humpers. I'm also crazy for those early Funkadelic records.

4.I hear alot of influences in your style. Too cool guys. How would you describe the band to new listeners? I think we are a power trio, heavily influenced by the 70's hard rock sound. Lots of riffs, and solo. We are into the crunch and the groove.


5.What influences your songwriting? The riffs just kinda fall from the sky. Usually when I'm in or around water weirdly enough. But not always, sometimes when I'm half awake in a dream state I hear them. The lyrics are usually done right in the moment when we record them. Whatever we are feeling that day we try to capture.


6.Any advice for new artists starting out today? Try to find your sound, not just ape what is popular. Don't be so precious when it comes to writing, write, if ya don't dig it, write some more. I think you have to write a lot to get good at it.


7.Any favorite films or books? Two Lane Blacktop, Cockfighter, Vanishing Point, The Wild Bunch, Caddyshack, The Last Detail, Repo Man, A Fistful Of Dollars, for books, Blood Meridan, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Big Sleep, Catch 22, Moby Dick.



8.Any lost classic albums you'd suggest readers to check out? Sir Lord Baltimore's 1st album. That record is a real party starter at La Chinga HQ and Captain Beyond's debut album. Such killer records. Those guys shoulda been big! Leafhound, Buffalo - Volcanic Rock and Riot's Fire Down Under also kick a lotta ass!


9.You guys have any new shows or news coming up you’d like to mention? We are playing SXSW in March and we are heading back to Europe in the spring! We have started writing and recording new music, and we might try and crank an EP out soon.


10.Thanks again guys, any last words for your fans today? Thanks so much for listening! Buying a record, or shirt! Or coming to a gig! We are always blown away that people dig our band! Keep on Rocking everyone!  And thank you Gideon for the interest and the interview! Cheers.


Rock on Carl - G