Cosmic Rock

On a rainy Saturday night we caught up with the guys from the band Scientist. Scientist have a new cd and some news coming down the line, check out the down low with Eric Plonka.


1.Hey and how're you doing today? Whats been going on with the band?


Well, we just put out a new record titled 'BARBELITH'  a concept record inspired by Grant Morrison's comic book series 'the Invisibles' this past April 13 and it was picked up and re-released by Sludgelord records just this week.


2.When did the group form and get going?


We formed in 2011 as a two piece instrumental band and from there just started grinding out gig after gig finally putting out our first self titled record in 2013. We were a newly formed 3 piece by then. After grinding out more gigs we moved some stuff around and became a 4 piece shortly before putting out our second record, 10100II00101 in 2015 (relying on ourselves and guest singers for this particular record)...... then, in what seems to be a recurring theme with us, picked up a 5th member shortly before putting out our new record BARBELITH this year... I'm curious to see how many members we have by our next record. If history serves... it'll be 6. Haha.  What this individual might do is anybody's guess!


3.Some people describe what you’re doing as avant garde metal.  What are some of the influences in your music?


I think the avant garde part comes from us being open-minded to all kinds of music not just metal or the kind of music we play. In this band, there are so many varying tastes of music that we all enjoy personally and I think that shows through the writing. Also, I think sometimes people just label bands avant-garde because they don't understand them or they are different. As far as a concrete list of influences go, we personally are all over the map.



4.How did you guys meet Aaron from Sludgelord and hook up with the label?


Aaron approached us way back in 2015 to do a record of our first record and it's been a huge fan and friend ever since.


5.Tell us about the new record. What was the writing and recording process like for you?


It took us a year to put this record together musically, we literally sat in a room 4 nights a week for a year writing... it was a lot of hard work more work than we had ever put in previous but we were really wanting to put something together that we loved and would personally listen to. originally it was going to maybe have some guest vocalists like its predecessor but, as fate would have it,we happen to pick up our current vocalist Barry RIGHT before we went into the studio. He just so happen to be reading Grant Morrison's the Invisibles at the time and it just became the concept or, the inspiration if you will, of the album. The recording process for us was hectic because we really hadn't heard any of these vocals until he laid them down in the studio. We really had zero idea what we were going to get. And to say we were pleasantly surprised would be an understatement.




6.Do you guys have any shows coming up?


We are playing June 3rd at the doomed and stoned festival at Reggie's in Chicago and August 3rd at Live Wire in Chicago.



7.Any news or last words for your fans today?


We're really lucky to have the fan base that we do, we've made a lot of good friends who were once fans that's one of my favorite Parts about being in this band.  And that's really what a scene should be about.


Right on dude, keep up the rock