Cosmic Rock

Dig this late night interview with the group Forming The Void. Out of Louisiana, FTV has a new split release out (see our review by Pat Riot Whitaker) and is touring now. We had a quick talk with the guys and encourage you to check out their music...

1.Tell us a little about the formation of the group and how you came together?

We met in college and were friends for several years before playing music together. Our drummer Thomas joined more recently and we knew him through his work with other bands.

2.What bands inspire or influence your sound?

We have a wide range of backgrounds and inspiration but the common ground we share is the rock music of the 70s and 90s. That's the foundation on which we all add our personal influences.

3.What is the scene like in your area?

We're from Lafayette, LA which is the heartland of Louisiana Cajun culture so the most active scene in our area is cajun/folk music, and we have several Grammy winning world touring artists who perform that style of music. Additionally,  we have a vibrant underground scene with lots of unique and talented bands.

4.Tell us about the new record?

Our last album 'Relic'  was a big step for us creatively. When we started writing 'Rift',  we were wanting to add more rocking and driving songs to our live set. Thomas joined the band shortly before recording and the whole thing fell together very organically. So there's more focus on feel and energy this go round.

5.Do you guys have touring plans?

We're doing a few short tours this year around some festivals we're playing at SXSW, Electric Funeral Fest, and Descendants of Crom. We're also heading to Psycho Las Vegas, but won't be touring around that.

6.How would you describe your sound to new listeners?

Cosmic, mystical, naturalist doom rock.


7.Any news you'd like to share with your audience?

Thomas hates Steely Dan.