Cosmic Rock

This afternoon we caught up with musician and Maryland Doom Fest pioneer the main man JB Matson. Fresh off this year’s event we talked a bit about the very popular Maryland Doom Fest. Thanks to JB for the interview and check out his new band Knoxxville too. JB is planning next year’s MDDF and also benefit show coming up soon.


1.Hey JB good to speak with you tonight man how’re you?


I’m doing extremely well Gideon. 


2.You just came off the end of this year’s MDDF. Seems like it was a fantastic success and well-loved event. Tell us a little about how it all started and what was this year's fest like for you?


It was nothing short of amazing from start to finish.  Each year I honestly don’t think we can top the year prior, yet every Fest gets better and better!


3.You saw and met many great artists. In what way did many stand out?


That question has an extremely long answer.  I can tell you that I’ve seen dozens of bands play other gigs but they bring an entirely different game to the Md Doom Fest.  Every single act is top notch and full of energy! Each band plays what could possibly be their best performance(s) at MDDF.


4.As you have worked on this so long, in what ways do you find it the most rewarding?


Again, a long answer is justified but most of all would be watching bands take off in some form or another after they have played MDDF. Whether it be signing to a new record label, playing Psycho or Roadburn or just opening new horizons, means I’ve achieved my goal of bringing awareness to undeniable talent. Period.


5.Are there any bands you have hoped to include next time around?


That info is confidential Gideon  (: .  Full 2019 lineup announcement is on this Halloween!


6.How are things with your own music these days, you have a new band?


I do. I pretty much buried War Injun with my brother /guitarist - Kenny Staubs.  I do have a new project called KNOXXVILLE and you should publicly hear from us soon.  Our first live gig is Sept 1st at Cafe 611 in Frederick Md. The show is a benefit for Kimberly Comulada (wife of former Outside Truth / War Injun bassist - current Thousand Vision Mist bassist and Md Doom Fest sound technician) whom just found out she has breast cancer. There’s an awesome 14 band roster and all proceeds go towards their enormous medical bills. Please come & support!!




 7.What keeps you inspired after all these years?


The never-ending submissions of new musical talent.  It’s mind blowing the amount of undiscovered music out there!


 8.How do you feel the scene is like today in comparison to years past?

In my opinion, the scene has grown immensely. Word of mouth is great but you can’t beat social media for branching and reaching out.  The days of telephone pole flyers is a thing of the past!


 9.What advice do you have for new artists just starting out?


My advice - if you don’t think you are putting out the best music you are capable of, don’t release it until you feel it’s worthy. Be your own worst critic.


10.What is one life skill you feel all musicians should have?


Reach deep and play your heart out. If it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong. 


11.Being so involved with the organization of the events must be exhausting. Do you have a group of people working with you and in what way?


Gideon, I have a large team of dedicated, honest, talented individuals.  Each of them from stage & sound to hospitality & organization are the best in any event, hands down!

Maybe one or two of them did I reach out to, the rest came to me volunteering (which is very humbling) because of their love for the genre and the scene.


12.Any new records you would suggest for doom fans to check out?


I would suggest that people visit our official Facebook page and shuffle through the flyers of the past 4 years. If you’re unfamiliar with a band, go check them out. Nothing but about 150 stellar bands!


Any last words today?


My heart and soul is put into The Maryland Doom Fest yearly. It is a wonderfully fun event and something I am very proud of. Every musician and patron have the time of their lives at #4daysofdoom !!!   MDDF 2019 dates are June 2019 are 6-20 to 6-23.

Check us out at  Thanks Gideon!!


Youre welcome bro, doom on. - G