Cosmic Rock

Los Angeles doom group High Priestess is making some serious waves converting fans to their psychedelic doom laden sound. Guitarist Katie Gilchrest, Mariana Fiel and drummer Megan Mullins formed the band in 2016. Influenced by the doom greats, their new album is out on Ripple Music. We had an exclusive pow wow with Katie and got the quick low down on their history, influences, news and more.


1.Hey good to speak with you tonight, how are you doing and whats been going on?


I’m great! Lots of cool stuff coming up with our album release May 18 and then a short tour thereafter.


2.I know you are really busy with shows lately thanks for taking time for the interview. How did you guys meet and form the band?


High Priestess started when Mariana, our bass player, placed an ad on the Los Angeles craigslist looking for a drummer March 2016.  I found it and the description of the band she was looking to form, which at that time was just bass and drums, basically sounded like my dream project. I wrote to the ad, even though she wasn’t looking for a guitar player, and she dug some of the music from my past projects so we agreed to jam! Megan also dug the description and answered the same listing. All three of us starting jamming in April of 2016, and from there we wrote songs, recorded our demo about a year later, which landed us a record deal with Ripple music.



3.I know you guys are from LA. What is the scene there like for you guys playing in a doom metal band?


The doom scene seems to be building up. There are some cool venues to play and we have friends in the scene in bands, so it’s all very supportive.  There was a great venue called Complex that recently closed, so that was a bummer, but our pals in LA and neighbors in Orange County organize shows like the OC Doomfest.  There are great promoters here that make things happen.


4.What are some of your influences from classic doom metal?


Candlemass, Pentagram, Black Sabbath for sure, also Cirith Ungol, Bedemon, Pagan Altar, Saint Vitus


5.How did you guys hook up with Ripple Music and make your way to the new self titled album?


We had released our demo on Bandcamp with the expectation of keeping it as a demo, and recording a “proper album” later on in the year.  Lots of people liked it, and Christine from Tridroid records offered to release it on cassette.  She was the one who actually passed it on to her friend Matt at Ripple, and from there Todd (owner of Ripple) really dug it, met us at Psycho Las Vegas, and offered us the contract with the record deal.


6.What were some of the influences in your songwriting?


Wow, so many! For me personally, I have a love of improvisation and jamming, along with highly composed songs. Probably the biggest influence would be Jimi Hendrix, who married beautiful songwriting while still keeping another ear open to the sounds of the universe. Longform tracks with incredible songwriting from Pink Floyd, the straightforwardness of John Lennon, the power of Black Sabbath, and the dynamics of Led Zeppelin are all in there. I’m always listening and influenced by newer, heavier bands as well. Currently as a band, I think it’s safe to say we all draw inspiration from bands like Earthless, Sleep, Om, Acid King, and Black Sabbath.



7.Do you guys have any news or shows coming up?


Yeah! We are going on the road May 25-June 9, west coast to Canada and back. Then our official album release show is in LA June 12 at the Viper Room.


8.Any last words or news for your fans tonight?


Thanks for all your support.  If we play nearby, come out and see us and hang!


Very cool thanks Katie and hope to see you guys soon, Doom on G