Cosmic Rock

(photo by M.Bickham)

Cranking up some Zeppelin on a late wednesday evening we had a pow wow with ultra cool underground musician and notorious bass player Kelly Hnot of the group Dead Hawke. Rumbling out of Fort Worth with her friends Eric, Kelly, Robert and BW respectively, Dead Hawke is cranking out the riffage with super heavy low end texas thunder.  Influenced by greats like Black Sabbath, blues king Stevie Ray Vaughan, classic AC/DC, Electric Wizard and White Zombie, Dead Hawke is a sure win for many fans. Kelly was kind enough to give us some time to talk about her history, inspiration and more in this interview. Read on to step inside the world of Kelly and the down low on the music.

1.Hail Kelly how’re you and good to speak with you. What’s been going on with your world?

Hey thanks for speaking with me today Gideon! I’ve just been working and living! Trying to make it in this world!

2.Sure anytime. Yeah okay for sure. How did you first become inspired to be a musician?

I started playing the violin at 11 yrs old which sparked my musical talents. I stuck with violin and Orchestra class through graduation. By 13 I picked up my first bass guitar and have been playing ever since!! With bass guitar I was heavily influenced by Cliff Burton and Sean Yseault. Seeing Sean on stage I said, “That’s it! That’s what I want to do!”.

3.Right on. What concerts did you see in your early years that you loved the most and why?

Seeing Iron Maiden’s Powerslave concert on Beta tape was just amazing when I was young. All of the stage theatrics just blew my mind. Eddie also scared me for a long time! LOL

(Photo by M.Bickham)

4.That's great. Maiden is such an institution. Yeah that was great, good days. What about seminal classic albums?

Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” is a classic. So much emotion coming from each player that connects everything together on that album. I think anyone can put that album on and there is a song or songs that we can all relate to in some way.

5.Yeah they connect with so many people and that album in particular. Do you like to read and what are some of your favorite books?

I love to read, when I have the time to. I have always liked the Lord of The Rings series. I also love to read anything about Stevie Ray Vaughan.

6.Very cool. Favorite film or tv?

I really dig The Walking Dead tv series.

7.Do you write songs and if so what inspires you?

I do write songs. Basslines for the most part. Whatever I’m feeling at the time of writing is what comes out. I’m a very emotion driven writer.

8.How do you feel about the music scene today and your position in it?

The music scene today is so vast and full of variety. Couple that with social media which allows anyone to check out new music in any genre. Back in the old days we had to wait for new cassettes and CDs to come out. LOL! Because I am a woman, I believe I have a very important position in the music scene. Most of the stigmas about women performers are gone nowadays but I personally have run into situations where I was judged before even getting on stage. Of course, after I got on that stage and started performing their judgements greatly changed for the better! Don’t judge a book by its cover!!

(Photo by M.Bickham)

9.Right on that's right. Any news about your band Dead Hawke?

Great news about Dead Hawke! We recently added a lead guitarist and a new drummer to the band. We will be in the recording studio in September. We also have a lot of shows coming up! Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin be ready!

10.Cool look forward to hearing the new songs. If You could travel anywhere in the world where would you like to go?

I would love to go to Iceland! It’s hard to pick just an “anywhere in the world” spot because there are so many places I want to visit.

11.Yeah I can dig it. I know your tattoos represent some of your different family heritage. In what way?

My right arm has tattoos representing my Mother’s side of our family. Celtic and Nordic knotwork along with Norse symbols and runes. No hate behind the meanings of my tattoos. I’m a firm believer in acknowledging your family heritage.

12.Thats awesome. Yeah mine have different meaning too and some are heritage symbols. In what other ways do you express your creativity other than music?

Right now I'd really like to express myself through other outlets but I'm focused and dedicated to music and the band.

13.Yeah for sure, bands can take up a lot of your focus. What is one life skill you think all people should have?

OPEN MINDEDNESS! Again, don’t judge a book by its cover!

14.What have been some of your biggest challenges and victories?

Moving to Texas from Detroit was a challenge but my victories are the fact that I have been down here making it happen pretty much on my own.

15.What advice would you give a new artist starting out today?

To all the new artists out there: JUST DO IT! Whatever fears you have, overcome them.

16.Great. Any last words for your fans today?

Thanks for taking the time to read this awesome interview! Come out to a Dead Hawke show and hang out!