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Today we had a quick catch up with Carolina based drummer/singer madman the infamous Mark Binion from the popular metal group Thundering Herd. TH have been tearing up the stage and working on new material for album two. Mark fills us in on the band's upcoming recording plans, shows and more. You can catch the guys this weekend with shows in March 16th at the Keg and Cue in Charlotte NC and March 17th at the Odditorium in Asheville NC.


1.Hey bro how are you and whats been going on in the world of the Herd?

MARK: Things are going good here. Just working on new songs and livin the work by day rock by night struggle that is the modern music business.



2.Are you guys recording new material?


MARK: We will be heading into the studio June 9th to start tracking songs for our second album. We will be recording with Greg Elkins at Pershing Hill Sound in Raleigh, NC. We worked with Greg on our debut record Backyard Junkyard which was a great experience so we decided to go back and work with Greg. For the last record Skully our bass player had only been with us for about two weeks so he will be able to contribute a great deal more to this record.



3.How have the shows been going?

MARK: The shows have been going great. We've been getting a really good response from the crowds, so that's always nice. Things are starting to pick up a bit with crowds getting a little bit bigger and even some folks starting to come out to specifically see us. There's still a live music scene out there it's just a bit smaller but it's still there.



4.Any new bands you have been playing with that you’d encourage people to check out?

MARK: Yeah there are tons of local bands out that are still kicking ass a few are: Bloodhren, Shamrock Saints, Written In Grey, Soul Season, Cult Territory, Origin of Disease, and on and on. There's a lot of great music out there of all genres people just gotta get out and look for it. It's not being delivered to ones doorstep anymore.



5.What is the new material like compared to the earlier stuff?

MARK:  The new stuff is gonna be a bit heavier. We didn't plan on trying to make the new stuff heavier it just happened that way. We have about 10 songs finished with a couple in the works so the record should have anywhere from 10 - 13 songs. Many are completely finished about 3 need lyrics and 2 or 3 are still in the beginning stages. 



6.Do you guys have shows coming up?


MARK: Yeah we actually have a bunch of shows booked, we might need to take some time off to work on the new songs. The best way to find out about upcoming shows is Facebook and Twitter. Sometime even I don't know what's going on.





7.How can people check out the band’s news or some music?


MARK: The best place to keep up with us in on Facebook.


Follow us on Twitter @herd_thundering


Check out our videos on Youtube.


Our debut Backyard Junkyard can be downloaded for FREE!! Just go to our bandcamp page and get some today.