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Today we sat down with Martin Bush from the group Hyborian. Out of Kansas City, Hyborian is gathering much attention in the last year with touring activities and soon an upcoming album on Seasons Of Mist. We caught up with Martin for a little about the band news and his background. Check out Hyborian and enjoy this talk with Martin.

1.Hey Martin how’re you bro? Good to connect with you today.


I'm well, thanks for having me.


2.Sure bro anytime. Tell us a little about your background man. Are you from Kansas City? How did you get into playing music?


I'm originally from a tiny town in Kansas, but have lived in either Lawrence (a small college town near KC) or Kansas City most of my adult life.  My parents had me in piano lessons and scholastic music programs as a small child, and it has honestly just always been a pretty big part of my life. 


3.What were some of your favorite albums back in the day that really inspired you?


My music tastes are pretty diverse, growing up I listened to everything from big 4 metal (Metallica, Slayer etc.) to classic rock (James Gang, Mountain, Thin Lizzy etc.) and power pop (Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, The Replacements etc.).  As I got into my late teens and early 20s I discovered punk and hardcore, bands like Bad Brains, Negative Approach, Descendents, MDC, and that led to more underground stuff like Swing Kids, Neurosis, Slint, Planes Mistaken for Stars.  These days I listen to pretty much whatever catches my ear, but as a rule the bands I tend to love combine one or two of those sounds I grew up with.


4.Cool yeah for sure. Any classic concerts?


Being from smalltown Kansas, there weren't a lot of opportunities to go see shows as a kid, but once I was out on my own and living in Lawrence there were so many happening all the time its tough to even remember them all.  Some of the crazier ones I remember:  Weedeater at Replay Lounge in 2001 or 2002,  I had never seen anything like that.  They just blew me away and opened up a whole new genre of music to me.  Melvins and Big Business at The Bottleneck, also early 2000's, one of the loudest, tightest most fun shows I've ever been to.  Mean Dean Eddington's birthday party at The Bottleneck, I think it would have been 2002?  Anyway, he put together an absolutely insane lineup that ran all day and was a blast.  Cephalic Carnage, Converge, Give Up the Ghost (which later became American Nightmare) Coalesce, The Esoteric, Salt the Earth, Saved by Grace, and there may have been one or two more.  A couple decades isn't good for the memory.


5.How did you meet the guys and form the group Hyborian?


We have all known each other from playing in bands for a long time, we just all happened to be not in a band at the same time and decided to start playing some music.  Not really an epic story, just friends who had wanted to play together for a long time, and finally got the chance.


6.How was the last year of touring with the band?


Fantastic.  The road treated us very well, even though there were some pretty tough times.  We had our bus break down in the middle of the desert in California in the middle of summer and were stranded for a couple days in 115 degree (fahrenheit) weather, and a few other annoying things like that, but as a whole shows were great, the bands we got to meet and play with were all great, and the crowds were fantastic.  The kids are most definitely all right.


7.Damn yeah for sure. Any favorite shows or stand out memories?


The whole tour we did with Weedeater and Bask was outstanding.  The shows were insane, and the people on that tour are some of the kindest and most fun I have ever known.


8.You guys are working with Seasons of Mist now, what’s the news?


We are just finishing up the record cycle for the first record we did with them, a re-release of Volume I that originally was put out by The Company (Keef Mountain, Inner Altar, Merlin, Druids . . .)  SOM has been incredible to work with over the last year, and everyone there has really made us feel like family.


9.Great dude. What about the upcoming release of Volume II?


We are currently hunkered down for the winter and are writing like crazy.  Volume II will be coming out in 2019, and we are really excited for these songs.


10.What inspires your songwriting?


We pull from a lot of source material, but we are really trying to create our own mythos.  I'm currently writing a novel that will be a companion piece for Volume II called The Traveller, and all of our songs really tie into this large over-arcing story.  I don't want to give too much away, but the songs from Volume I are all stories told by The Traveller to us and occur before the beginning of recorded history, while the songs from Volume II occur as the universe is coming to an end.


11.Is the band name a Conan reference?


It is, it refers to the time period that Robert E Howard wrote about; the Hyborian Age.  According to Howard, it was the time between the fall of Atlantis and the advent of written language.


12.Very cool man. Any bands you came across on tour you’d like to suggest people check out?


Godmaker, Somnuri, Mirrors for Psychic Warfare, Bask, Telekinetic Yeti, honestly I'm sure I am forgetting some.  We've met so many rad bands over the last year it is tough to keep track.


13.Any favorite books of films?


Obviously I love all the Robert E Howard Conan stuff, recently I have been diving into all of the Edgar Rice Burroughs books (tarzan, john carter of mars etc), I also really love classic 50's and 60's sci fi stuff, Asimov, Simak, Heinlan etc.


14.That's great man. Do you have other creative pursuits than music?


I also write and do visual art. 


15.How do you feel music enriches your life?


I honestly can't imagine life without it, music is a huge part of my life and has been since i was tiny.



16.What is one life skill you think we all need to have?




17.Good one bro. Thoughts on the music scene and world today with the madness of social media and current days?


Yikes, that could be a whole interview with just this question.  I guess how I feel about all of that can be summed up with this.  If you wouldn't do or say something to someone in person, don't do or say it online.  As far as the ACTUAL music scene goes, the underground is thriving.  I'm not the best on social media, so I can't really speak to that, but rock n roll is definitely alive and well, it just lives in the underground, where it belongs. 


18.That's right on. What advice would you give an artist who’s just starting out?


Tour, tour, tour, tour, and then tour some more. 


19.Any obscure artists or records you’d encourage people to check out?


I don't know about obscure, does that even exist anymore?  But I have really been enjoying Valient Thorr recently.  If you haven't seen them live, do it.


20.Yeah those guys are cool. Any last words or news for your fans today?


Hopefully not my last words, but thanks for a great year, and see you on the road in 2019!


Great bro stay in touch rock on - G