Cosmic Rock

Today our guest on is world famous ace producer Jamie King. Jamie has been part of many excellent records over the years. We had a chance to interview him on his history, thoughts and more.

On a dark wednesday night we had a chat with singer Kat Gillham from the groups Winds of Genocide, Uncoffined, Thronehammer and more. Kat is a long standing vet of underground metal known and loved by many. Always busy and full of fire for music and life, Kat took the time to catch us up on her news, a little on her background and thoughts on many topics.  Enjoy this interesting good talk with one of the underground's bright stars.

This afternoon on Cosmic-Rock we had  an excellent chat with musician/writer Don de Leaumont. Don rocks the heavy blues with his band Collins Drive who just recruited a new drummer and are out on the prowl. A huge heavy metal fan, UFO buff, crypto and alien fan and more Don and I had a fun catch up about his life, influences, thoughts on many subjects. Check out this talk with Mr. de Leaumont and learn all about his views on aliens, blues and heavy metal, and the awesomeness of the Monkees.

La Chinga is a hard rock power trio from Vancouver, Canada.  Their influences are worn proudly in the names of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, James Gang, Deep Purple, Motorhead, UFO, Van Halen, Thin Lizzy, Humble Pie and the Stooges. Today we had a chance to interview Carl Spackler, bassist and vocalist. Carl is joined by Ben Yardley on Guitars, Vocals and Jason Solyom on Drums in the Small Stone Records label group. Check out this interesting talk with Carl and check out La Chinga.

Tonight we have Sarah Moore Lindsey and Jay Lindsey from the band Book Of Wyrms. A popular fantasy/sci fi themed heavy rock band from Richmond Virginia, Book Of Wyrms is working on a new album, coming single and video plans. We sat down with Sarah (vocals) and Jay Lindsey (bass) to talk about their history, influences, thoughts on the music scene and more. Check out this great interview with Sarah and Jay.

Today we sat down with Martin Bush from the group Hyborian. Out of Kansas City, Hyborian is gathering much attention in the last year with touring activities and soon an upcoming album on Seasons Of Mist. We caught up with Martin for a little about the band news and his background. Check out Hyborian and enjoy this talk with Martin.

Today’s guest is none other than long time musician, producer, songwriter and more the great Jamie Hoover.  Super talented and respected across the map, Jamie has spent many years with his band The Spongetones, jamming with The Smithereens, working with Joe Walsh, Don Dixon and others.  We caught up with Jamie to discuss his music history, inspirations, thoughts on music today and news. -G

Today our spotlight interview on is Brittany “The Golden Girl” Giles. A Muay Thai fighter out of Frederick, Maryland Giles is on the move with her fight career and making waves. We sat down with Brittany to get the low down on her background, interests and thoughts on martial arts. On our website we interview all kinds of interesting individuals from all walks of life (musicians, artists, film makers, etc.) so today we discuss the fight game with a very cool person. Check out this interview with The Golden Girl as she takes a break in her training to discuss a wide range or subjects.

Fresh out of the studio and on the edge of their new album release, Philadelphia's king psych-rock groove metal band Thunderbird Divine are on the warpath. The new album entitled "Magnasonic" will be out shortly on the hot indie label Salt Of The Earth Records. Being big fans of the music, we sat down and had a summit meeting with singer/guitarist the main man Erik Caplan to hear all about the new album. Erik is a very easy going, mellow guy yet is also a monster behind the guitar and mic, pulling out riffage and soul with the new band. We talk to Erik about the record, his inspiration and thoughts on many interesting subjects. Get down the program and witness the landing of the Thunderbird Divine.


On a chilled sunday afternoon we sit down with North Carolina bluesman Bert Wray. From his hippie rock background to the Bert Wray Blues Band, Bert has been around a long time. We caught up with Bert and had a good conversation about his history, influences and thoughts on many subjects. Dig on the story of Bert, from Sloppy Joe and the Random Rhythm Section to Popgun and The Bert Wray Blues Band.

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