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Today we have a new exclusive interview on a beautiful Halloween evening with the very cool Alexis and Brandon from the excellent Texas heavy rock group Doomstress. They filled us in on a little of their background, influences, news and more. Check out this interview and dig it. Happy Halloween..! - G

Today we sat down with Rochester,NY musician Joe Dellaquila guitarist/vocalist of the group Saints and Winos. Joe is a hard working guy with a huge love for rock and all things music. Rounded out by Amanda Rampe on bass/vocals and JB Rodgers on drums/vocals, Joe’s band is influenced by The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Motorhead, Iron Maiden and more. We rapped with Joe about his background history, influences, his band and many subjects. Check out this enjoyable talk with Joe and learn a lot about his story.

For tonight’s interview we caught up with very popular singer Mark Duda and ace bassist Jason Mischel from the New York based rock group The Handful. The guys have been working on a new album after much success in recent years.  Joined by some guest musicians and friends the new album is in the finishing stages. We got the inside story from Mark and Jason.

(photo by M.Bickham)

Cranking up some Zeppelin on a late wednesday evening we had a pow wow with ultra cool underground musician and notorious bass player Kelly Hnot of the group Dead Hawke. Rumbling out of Fort Worth with her friends Eric, Kelly, Robert and BW respectively, Dead Hawke is cranking out the riffage with super heavy low end texas thunder.  Influenced by greats like Black Sabbath, blues king Stevie Ray Vaughan, classic AC/DC, Electric Wizard and White Zombie, Dead Hawke is a sure win for many fans. Kelly was kind enough to give us some time to talk about her history, inspiration and more in this interview. Read on to step inside the world of Kelly and the down low on the music.

This afternoon we caught up with musician and Maryland Doom Fest pioneer the main man JB Matson. Fresh off this year’s event we talked a bit about the very popular Maryland Doom Fest. Thanks to JB for the interview and check out his new band Knoxxville too. JB is planning next year’s MDDF and also benefit show coming up soon.

On a rainy Saturday night we caught up with the guys from the band Scientist. Scientist have a new cd and some news coming down the line, check out the down low with Eric Plonka...

Los Angeles doom group High Priestess is making some serious waves converting fans to their psychedelic doom laden sound. Guitarist Katie Gilchrest, Mariana Fiel and drummer Megan Mullins formed the band in 2016. Influenced by the doom greats, their new album is out on Ripple Music. We had an exclusive pow wow with Katie and got the quick low down on their history, influences, news and more.

Tonight at we have a special guest, the infamous musician/wrestler Cory Chapel. A natural behind the mic in a rock band or stepping into the ring, Cory makes a strong impression standing tall with dignity and determination in the metal madness underground. Today we find out a little about his past, influences, news and thoughts on life. From his formative years getting in metal and wrestling to present day glory, Cory’s journey has only begun. Dig this interview with a true, genuine individual with a big heart behind everything he is and does.


(Photo credit: Dax Melmar)

Tonight we had the cool opportunity to speak with Canadian music scene veteran and music powerhouse the mighty Al Yeti Bones Petrovich. Al has been hard at work with his band mates in Gypsy Chief Goliath on a new record out this year. Al Yeti filled us in on the journey of writing and recording the new album and some news for the fans. Many musicians have a lot of love and respect for Al, it’s always great to hear what he’s been up to and the new music coming down the line. “Masters of Space & Time” the aptly titled the new album is on the way soon.

From the mysterious rock trenches of New Orleans, LA to the latest underground vibes of Charlotte, NC everyone who knows multi-instrumentalist Von Bury has mad respect for him. A super talented musician crossing genre styles, groups and changing scenes without a beat and natural ease, Von Bury has carried the guitar, bass or held down the drum kit without a pause for many years. Every group he has been part of shines with excellence and have made their mark in many genres. An old friend of mine and solid figure in the seas of underground music, I caught up Von Bury to discuss his history, inspirations and insights on music. Bury also laid down his no-nonsense views on many interesting subjects. These days you can find him rocking the guitar in acclaimed alternative country group Diamonds and Whiskey. Enjoy this wicked interview with one of the bright lights in underground rock.

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