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Tonight at we have a special guest, the infamous musician/wrestler Cory Chapel. A natural behind the mic in a rock band or stepping into the ring, Cory makes a strong impression standing tall with dignity and determination in the metal madness underground. Today we find out a little about his past, influences, news and thoughts on life. From his formative years getting in metal and wrestling to present day glory, Cory’s journey has only begun. Dig this interview with a true, genuine individual with a big heart behind everything he is and does.


(Photo credit: Dax Melmar)

Tonight we had the cool opportunity to speak with Canadian music scene veteran and music powerhouse the mighty Al Yeti Bones Petrovich. Al has been hard at work with his band mates in Gypsy Chief Goliath on a new record out this year. Al Yeti filled us in on the journey of writing and recording the new album and some news for the fans. Many musicians have a lot of love and respect for Al, it’s always great to hear what he’s been up to and the new music coming down the line. “Masters of Space & Time” the aptly titled the new album is on the way soon.

From the mysterious rock trenches of New Orleans, LA to the latest underground vibes of Charlotte, NC everyone who knows multi-instrumentalist Von Bury has mad respect for him. A super talented musician crossing genre styles, groups and changing scenes without a beat and natural ease, Von Bury has carried the guitar, bass or held down the drum kit without a pause for many years. Every group he has been part of shines with excellence and have made their mark in many genres. An old friend of mine and solid figure in the seas of underground music, I caught up Von Bury to discuss his history, inspirations and insights on music. Bury also laid down his no-nonsense views on many interesting subjects. These days you can find him rocking the guitar in acclaimed alternative country group Diamonds and Whiskey. Enjoy this wicked interview with one of the bright lights in underground rock.

Today we had a quick catch up with Carolina based drummer/singer madman the infamous Mark Binion from the popular metal group Thundering Herd. TH have been tearing up the stage and working on new material for album two. Mark fills us in on the band's upcoming recording plans, shows and more. You can catch the guys this weekend with shows in March 16th at the Keg and Cue in Charlotte NC and March 17th at the Odditorium in Asheville NC.

Today we had a pow wow with the mighty Aaron Wall, main man behind the group Red Beard Wall. Aaron and I had an excellent talk about his band's news, song writing, life and more in this interview on Always a good talk when Aaron and I rap about music and a method to the mission of music magic. - G

Late night interview with the group Forming The Void. Out of Louisiana, FTV has a new split release out (see our review by Pat Riot Whitaker) and is touring now. We had a quick talk with the guys and encourage you to check out their music...

(Photo by Coston: Les Paul, July 18, 2003)

Tonight we sat down with world class celebrated photographer Daniel Coston. Daniel is an old friend from North Carolina who has worked with countless greats in the music industry like the late Johnny Cash, sixties great Roky Erickson, The Monkees and many others. When we have a chance to catch up we always have good interesting talks about photography, music and life. Daniel and I had an excellent in-depth talk on many subjects and catching up on his news. - G

(Photo by Chris Boarts Larson)

Tonight we had the cool opportunity to interview long running, world renown veteran multi instrumentalist and all around very cool guy, none other than the great Erik Larson. Calling RVA home, Erik is known for many well loved bands and projects from ATP to his solo albums, The Might Could and holding down the drums these days in Backwoods Payback. I hadn't connected with Erik in a long time and it's been a real gift to speak with him and hear his news, talk a little about his past and history. Check out this awesome interview and enjoy. - G


Today we interviewed author Jim Cherry known for his book "The Last Stage" and The Doors Examiner. Jim fills us in on his new projects and shares some thoughts on this Friday of Chinese New Year 2018. Cool to hear from Mr.Cherry and find out his news and cool views.

 Carrying his guitar many miles on the long highway true life country singer Hickry Hawkins is one of a kind. In the world today where genuine country music is hard to find Mr.Hawkins has been cranking out classic country for decades with sincerity and southern purity. Today we find Hickry residing in New York holding down a barstool with a few stories to tell. Double H gives us the lowdown on his history, news and thoughts on music and life. Always cool to have a good talk with Hickry and hear his news and views.

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