Cosmic Rock

Tonight we catch up with very cool singer Shy Kennedy from the group Horehound. Shy is also the organizer behind the popular Descendants of Crom festival which is about to begin its’ third anniversary in September. She took the time to catch us up on her news and talk a bit about the fest. Dig this interview up now on CR. - G

(Photos by Amanda Baker of Cellardoor Studio)


1. Hail Shy how have you been? Good to catch up with you.

I have been well, thank you.

2. How has this last year been for you and your music?

Within the past year Horehound has released our sophomore record and began writing and recording again while regularly getting out and performing. It’s the perfect trifecta to keep the band motivated and creative. We’re having fun.

I’ve got some fun things planned for o Heidrun as well but you’ll just have to stay tuned, so to speak. I have full focus on DOC III right now.

3. Coming up we have the Descendants of Crom part III festival. How do you feel this year is coming along? You must be excited. So many cool bands.

Yes! DOC III will be here, soon. We have the pre-gala on September, 20th with full event days on the 21st and 22nd. Most of the parts are in place, prepping for what I can right now and then there are always things you have to sort of wait on to do so it’s all a matter of just keeping things in motion. And yes, I am very excited!

4. Awesome. How do you feel it is similar or different to the past events?

From an organizer standpoint, things are coming along easier than years past just because of the experience of the prior years. From an audience standpoint, this year has a wider range of genres but we’re still all about it being heavy, original, underground music. Each day will start off with solo acts easing the crowd in and I have more people working on the ground level. An MC and a little more time to get back and forth between stages.

5. Any news on the front with your band?

We may have agreed to release a small little token with a cool label. It might happen in the fall. You could hear about it soon. #NoComment

6. Cool, look forward to the news. What has been inspiring you in recent days?

Personally, anymore, just living and getting through day to day inspires me. I set up a fair amount of goals and bench marks and once I hit them, I think, what’s next? It’s not easy for any of us and it’s enough to either push you to do what you do or give up. Watching others do the same is also inspiring. There are so many artists out there that keep showing up. They put the work in and share what they have with everyone. Seeing others keep at things keeps me going as well.


7. Any new records or groups you have been really enjoying to suggest to readers?

Rebreather, God Root, Witchkiss, Pillars, Sun Voyager, I could go on too long on this subject.


8. Yeah definitely. Really cool. How do you feel about the scene today?

“The scene” is a bit vague in the metal world but I’ll answer it with that in mind. It’s very compartmentalized. There used to be punks, metalheads, hardcore kids, etc all crossing over at shows and now it seems you’re into one or a couple sort of shows/scenes but there isn’t as much wide-spread support as their used to be. That said, the individual scenes are doing pretty well and are still very much out there supporting. I consider the doom/psych/stoner scene that I perform and participate as attendance in very tight. So much so it’s more of a community. I support many styles of music and have felt welcome at most every show.

9. Sure totally. We talked about this once in an earlier interview, as time as progressed in reflection, What is one life skill you feel every person should have?

I have the same answer: Critical thinking will lead anyone to be a better person. If I’d have to add anything more than that, empathy.

10. Good answers for sure, so very important. Any favorite films in recent years?

The Vvitch.

11. Books?

I haven’t read one single book since we last spoke.

12. Any Words or news for your fans today?

Thanks for reading this if and if you can make it out to Descendants of Crom III this year, please, come! It’s a great time with great music and great atmosphere. Come say hello! Tickets available online! Thanks Gideon.


Anytime and you’re welcome. Thanks Shy! Hope the fest is a great success for everyone. Keep us updated on your music news. Rock on, G