Cosmic Rock

Italy’s Sonic Wolves will be recording their second full length album starting Monday, February 19th, 2018 at Trai Studio with Femore Prod.

Florence, Italy’s Psychedelic Witchcraft will see a USA release of their album “Sound Of The Wind” on February 27th via Listenable Records.

Alt Country duo Diamonds and Whiskey release the new album “Dark Country Voodoo”.

Baltimore’s crust punk band Neolithic have released a split EP with Swedish band Martyrdod.  Neolithic contributes the track “Inner Adversary” while Martyrdod’s song is “War Of Worlds.” They also have a new release entitled Cult of Ignorance soon to follow with both released on Six Weeks Records on March 18th.


Florida’s own Mary Everhart recently released a new live cd entitled “Live and Kickin”.

Formed in 2014, Edinburgh group Scumpulse follows up their previous EP and single with a new full length to come on Gorehouse.

California’s Horseneck have released the vinyl edition of their full length album “Heavy Trip” on Worried Bird Records.

Death metal trio Replicant have a ten song new album entitled “Negative Life” soon to be released on PRC Music with digital release from the group on March 23rd.

Scotland based doom metal powerhouse King Witch have a new album entitled “Under The Mountain” released March 16th on Listenable Records.

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