Cosmic Rock

Hot and fresh on the heels of his 2017 critically lauded, and extremely well received blistering slab of a debut, released on Argonauta Records...the one man cacophony of heavy, RED BEARD WALL is back! Hailing from the dirt of West Texas, this bearded wonder of doom, returns with his highly anticipated sophomore beast of an album. Earworms, aimed straight, and directly, for your ear holes, and the searing souls. The mighty Red Beard Wall brings an immense auditory expansion, and a gargantuan sonic progression of massively epic proportions. Thick and thoughtful..."The Fight Needs Us All." LP/DD Coming This Fall on Argonauta Records.

Red Beard Wall was born on the dry, windswept plains of West Texas, at the culmination of 2016. Formed out of a desire to channel his angst, and frustration with the insane reality that surrounds us. With a hyper focus on heavy, hooky, and to the point songs. Riffs with devastatingly heavy tones, vocals melodies that soar, alongside anguished screams, of disillusionment. Influenced by amazing bands such as, Floor, Helmet, Conan, Pallbearer, Baroness, and countless others.