Cosmic Rock

Sonic Wolves --- - Vinyl version of  the full length "Before The End Comes"

  The 2016 release of "Before The End Comes" that has only been available on cd or digital download is now available on black and white "half and half" vinyl. Recorded at Ampire Studio in Pistoia, IT in November of 2015 and released by Taxi Driver Records in July of 2016, it was the first full length effort by the band. It followed an eight song demo released in April of 2015  and the "He Said" 7"single released in April of 2016. The tracks feature their drummer Vita (Ufomammut, Rogue State), bassist/vocalist Kayt Vigil (ex-Hounds of Hasselvander/Pentagram, Hatchetface, ...Of The Horizon)and Mr.Diniz on guitar(ex-Mexican Chili Funeral Party, Temple of Dust). Although currently a trio, the time of this recording included a fourth member, Paul Melotto who was also on guitar and vocals. Sonic Wolves plays dirty rock and roll with psychedelic /hard rock and heavy metal infused grooves. They take rock to a louder, nastier level.   "Before The End Comes" is available in two versions-   the single LP or the LP plus the "He Said" 7".  While  will be down for maintenance, you can contact the band  or find us on Instagram at @sonic_wolves-  Sonic Wolves Official page to get your copy.  ROCK ON!