Cosmic Rock

Welcome to a very special edition of Rev-Elations cosmic creatures! As we're nearly half-way through Hammer House of Horror, I'm actually taking a break from our reflections on the HHOH episodes to talk about the ever important here and now and give some recommendations on recent films I've seen...

The horror world is white hot going into the summer of 2018. The horror genre won big at the Oscars this year (Get Out, The Shape Of Water). Horror had it's biggest financial year in history in 2017 and is on a pace to do similar numbers this year. Conventions and Festivals are growing by leaps and bounds..



Welcome to Rev-elations my children of the night, keep on making that beautiful music. It has been a hectic couple of weeks for me in the best way. My current work as booker/producer of Anarchy Wrestling is in full swing as we went live on yet again last week. Producing live TV is a hell of a wild beast to tame..

Ghastly greetings groovy ghoulies! Your archeologist of anthology horror is back with another Rev-Elations. Vacation in Florida was wonderful. Though limited in the summer, I took in all the horror I could...

Welcome back to Rev-Elations where we're unearthing the best in classic anthology horror here at Thanks for the kind response. We're 3 episodes in now to Hammer House Of Horror and I find my viewings starting to feel like a visit with a strange old friend...


Welcome to this week's edition of Rev-Elations, here on I am your archeologist of anthology horror, Rev. Dan Wilson. My first undertaking is Hammer Films' "Hammer House Of Horror." They are the British film studio who revitalized the Universal monsters in the 50's with a new presentation..

Welcome to Rev-elations here on where I will be revisiting classic horror TV & film.

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