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Hello Cosmic Creeps, long time no scream! I've been deep into production on Season One of content for One Good Scare productions.

What is that you ask? A small indie production company that is my next big project I'm going to be focusing on after my near 20 year run in pro wrestling comes to an end. Well, there is sort of this overlapping period right now making things extra chaotic. I'm in the middle of finishing up my pro wrestling commitments, and to take advantage of the 2018 Halloween season and the hype surrounding it we found it imperative to launch the brand this October, so we are pedal to the metal and working around the clock to finalize Season One. One Good Scare is pure guerilla, DIY indie horror. Self taught, self produced and self financed, I've surrounded myself with some immensely talented people to help me execute my vision. Some have real genre experience, some don't but everyone is fully committed this project. The content will include "Youtube" show style webseries that focus more on behind the scenes/production elements and overall celebration of the horror genre, we will be launching a podcast called "Seeking Human Victims" that studies important horror films, we have a few horror web comics we'll be releasing and the season will culminate with the release of our first short film. Since I admittedly am diving into this headfirst with only experience in a completely different entertainment medium to draw from, I'm not afraid to suck. If I let the fear of failure stop me I'd have never done anything. I'd have never started a band, asked a girl out, got in the wrestling business, etc. You will see our growth over time as we reach toward our ultimate goal of making a feature film.... one short at a time. The content we release will document the struggles and triumphs of trying to build your own creations. I hope you join me for the journey. You can head on over to OGSCAREPRODUCTIONS.COM to find out all of the details of what we're doing.


I also want to take a moment to give a heartfelt thanks to Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA where I'm a member of the Dragon Con Wrestling Hall Of Fame. For the last 12 years they have treated me wonderfully and 2018 marked my final event with them as an active pro wrestling manager. I'm also happy to report I've been invited to continue being a part of the festivities moving forward to promote what we have going on with One Good Scare, and be a brand ambassador of sorts post wrestling retirement. This year couldn't have been more memorable as I got to be a part of the Hall Of Fame induction ceremony of "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Sting and Lita and while my accomplishments in wrestling practically don't exist in comparison to theirs, it was a surreal moment to watch them be inducted into a Hall Of Fame that I was already a member of and a moment I'll never forget. I got to go back and enjoy the con with my daughter for her first time on Saturday and she got to meet her hero, the legendary voice actress Tara Strong so all in all it was weekend for the ages.


Due to all that has been going on with OGS, I've had to put the Hammer House Of Horror reviews on a brief hold but I anxiously await the chance to get back to them. I just wanted to update everyone here at cosmic-rock as to what has been going on with me. I do have a couple of recommendations for your to tide you over! What you didn't think the old Rev was going to show up empty handed did you? You know better than that. The first one is a film that just completely knocked my socks off. If you see no other horror film this week, you owe it to yourself to see "Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich" . I could hardly call myself an expert on the Puppet Master franchise. I have a tremendous respect for Charles Band and The Full Moon operation. PM and Demonic Toys were staple late night background movies of my childhood but I never really payed close attention to I'm thinking I may have made a huge mistake. In all honesty, my favorite Full Moon flick is probably Castle Freak. Well, it was my favorite until 2018 that is. That title now belongs to The LIttlest Reich. What an insane roller coaster ride of a movie this is and somehow inside of all the absurdity it has a real heart. Star of "The State", "Reno 911", dozens of major films, and accomplished tv writer Thomas Lennon who I've always been a huge fan of anchors this smorgasboard of whimsical gore and he's accompanied by genre legends Udo Kier and Barbara Crampton. The practical effects are off the charts, the kills are as creative as possible and there is plenty of self depriciating humor to go around. Don't sleep on the Littlest Reich as it may end up being your favorite movie of the year.


Another insanely clever film is Adam Rifkin and Penn Gillette's "Director's Cut". This is another entry into the "meta" horror genre which has already featured such standouts as Found Footage 3D, Hell House LLC, and Ruin Me. I'd actually recommend all of those flicks, and will now also recommend "Director's Cut" which may be the most clever of the bunch. The premise is we're watching a film hijacked by a disgruntled fanboy (played by Gillette) who bought an executive producer credit via kickstarter, so we're seeing his cut of the film complete with added scenes he was cut out of as an extra. He's obsessed with the lead actress and that obsession turns extremely dark over the course of the movie. This one had lots of great twists and turns, and while the very notion of a sub genre called "meta-horror" sounds sounds so pretentious it should be sold at a 300% mark up in a gentrified downtown district next to cotton candy flavored IPAs and petchulli scented vape juice, the entries that I have seen have all been fantastic movies. First and foremost, "Director's Cut" tells a great story but all in context it is also a scathing indictment of toxic fandom. We must be careful not to become so obsessed by the things we love that we develop a sense of entitlement as that can lead some down a dark road and can ultimately destroy the very thing you love. At least that was my takeaway. The Gaming, Comics and Pro Wrestling communities have all had their share of issues in this department lately, and sadly we now have instances of this ending in real life tragedy. Like any good horror film, "Director's Cut" makes us take a good hard look at ourselves and the reality of our fears.


 That's all for now folks, I'll be back soon!

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