Cosmic Rock

Carolina progressive metalcore group Winter’s Gate deliver the heaviness..

From Beantown, USA, or the place that is one of the United States' oldest cities, one known for throwing..

These dudes are up to some crazy. Absorb that and ruminate on it, make sure you can handle it, repeat and sit down for awhile. Then jump up and spin this record again...

Known by many for holding fast on the drum throne of all girl Zep tribute band Zepparella Clementine, also known as Clem the Great, has also been hard at work on so much music that needs to be heard.

Guitarist Gary Sunshine has been around the music industry for decades a part of great things like the renegade blues metal kings Circus Of Power, rock titans Guns N Roses and the acclaimed band NY Loose...

I won't front, misconstrue, or lie about the fact that I am a longtime fan of North Carolina's Corrosion Of Conformity, one that's been there right from the start.

Seattle grunge influence remains as it echoes onward from ’92 to 2019 with this Charlotte trio of musicians.

Charlotte, NC hardcore dudes Queen City Rejects jump into action faithful to their influences with this self titled EP.

Gastown is becoming a regular brewing apocalyptic mecca of punk metal these days...

Charlotte NC based indie rock group M4 Messenger return with their second full length..

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