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ALL THEM WITCHES 'Lost And Found' EP Review (East West Records - February 26, 2018)

Pat 'Riot' Whitaker

The very first thing that must be stated here is the true originality of Nashville's All Them Witches is remarkable. I discovered the band of my own accord around the time of their phenomenal 2012 full length release, Our Mother Electricity. I immediately knew then that ATW were something altogether different, and unique, and now six years later the band is still obliterating molds and mediocrity.

This truth is more than evident on their new 4-song EP, "Lost And Found", which was released on February 26th and is currently being given away as a FREE download on Bandcamp.

If you know anything about All Them Witches, aka Michael Parks Jr. (Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar), Ben McLeod (Guitars, Bass), Robby Staebler (Drums) and Allan Van Cleave (Rhodes, Violin), then you know that it is nearly impossible to pigeonhole the band into one definitive genre. The quartet are as comfortable kicking out classic, 70's-inspired rock as they are emitting psychedelia, folk or Delta Blues music. It makes no difference to them therefore they masterfully execute whatever their creative Jones inclines them to.

The new EP here, the follow-up to 2017's Sleeping Through The War, serves as the perfect introduction to the band for anyone that may be arriving late to this party. With three originals, "Hares On The Mountain", "Call Me Star", "Dub Passageways", and a striking cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Before The Beginning", we get an unforgettable taste of what this foursome are capable of crafting.

It is all spectacular of course but at the moment, I find myself particularly drawn to the to the tracks of exploratory sonics in the back-to-back "Call Me Star" and "Dub Passageways". Each are tempered with psychedelic nuances, the former cut inserting them amid the stripped down minimalism of haunting acoustic guitar and Parks' throaty crooning. Then the latter song laces them heavily into the mix with heady effects and ambient trippiness. The violins are an incredible addition here as well. 

Yes, to put it bluntly, I am quite enamored with All Them Witches and never miss a gig that falls within my scope of attending. Many of you are probably right in this very same boat with me already and if not, then climb aboard because as mentioned above, you can snag the "Lost And Found" EP from All Them Witches as a FREE download at their Bandcamp page NOW!

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