Cosmic Rock

ATALA “Bearer of Light” (Salt of The Earth Records)

Formed in 2013 in Twentynine Palms CA featuring famous tat artist, singer/guitarist Kyle Stratton, Jeff Tedtaotao on drums and Dave Horn on bass Atala has been gathering quite a following for years. Now the group returns with this new release on the ultra cool Salt of The Earth Records entitled "Bearer of Light". Seven songs of desert apocalyptic psych metal, “Bearer of Light” riffs with the best and brings to mind Spirit Caravan, Kyuss, the heaviness of Crowbar, a bit of mid era Prong and others. Sample heavy and a touch of earth bound soul storytelling, desert jam riffs and soulful vocals make the record a compelling listen for old fans returning and those new to the sound. Jeff Tdtaotao’s drums skills and Dave Horn’s fluid bass provide a good structure for the layers of Stratton’s heartfelt heavy songs reminding me of the power a trio can bring when on the right wavelength. Favorite tracks on first listen include “Desolate lands”, “Sun Worship” and the compelling mysterious moment “Dark Skies”. Atala just keep growing in interest, expanding in vibe and showcasing real heart in their band’s walkabout journey. Big props to Kyle and company for a strong record and don’t miss this one and catch the band on tour this summer. A solid offering of desert vision quest heaviness in modern times.