Cosmic Rock

Clementine “The Collection”

 Known by many for holding fast on the drum throne of all girl Zep tribute band Zepparella Clementine, also known as Clem the Great, has also been hard at work on so much music that needs to be heard. From her days twenty years ago as the drummer of the notorious revered NYC trio Bottom, Clementine has been carving a name for herself across the underground like a woman on a hip music magic mission. Clem The Great indeed: Once you take in all she does and is with a sense of a classic rock timelines bigger picture, she was really created by the rock Goddess gazing favorably down from the skies to be the musician she is.

 A hippie deep soul perspective, percussion powerful hands and kickdrum feet, naturally wild and free Clementine would easily have been a sixties California scene celebrity (think Grace Slick meets Janis Joplin meets Michelle Phillips) and musician of that timeless era. She also has the huge potential here now in this one.  

 Here we have a nine track colorful sonic oil painting of material dubbed “The Collection” of collaborations featuring songs with guitarists Gretchen Menn, Jude Gold, Justin Caucutt and others. What was never apparent if you only were aware of her drum skill powershine is that Clem can really sing too and is a great front woman! It’s a voice rough around the edges, blueswoman meets esoteric hippie shoegazing voice that is just full of heart yet ever wandering soul.

 Clem’s talent strolls quietly and easily across the songs leaving one to wonder what all she hasn’t tried yet and will continue to impress the listener with. Clementine’s personal heart and purity of all she does makes it all seem so simple and real, free from any daily concerns while she sings from her bright eyed perspective. Always awesome to see what Clem The Great is up to. Definitely take the time to dig this recording collection and go see her live as any performance may come your way. A rare breed of performer and soul of a person. Clementine shines on this album, and it’s only a small bit of the glimmering cracks of soul light/music, that she is capable of giving in her music journey.