Cosmic Rock



- Pat 'Riot' Whitaker



CROBONE are a trio of OKies, you know, folks from Oklahoma, but let me tell you, they're quite damn OK in my book too.


I came to that realization after hearing the band - Sherman Haynes (Drums/Vocals), Walter McLennan (Bass/Vocals) and Michael Hamilton (Guitar/Vocals) - via their February self-titled release. The guys, who call their music "Caveman Party Rock", execute some fine rock and roll here.


With ample energy and attitude rippling through their music, these guys have clearly come to rock. Songs like "Thunder And Steel", "Bonepit" and "Broomstick Blues" are full on furious assaults propelled by riffs and dizzying rhythms. Plus, all three members deliver vocals too and here, that is a most definite positive.


Musically, CROBONE walk a fine line of contemporary, blues-infused and radio friendly hard rock while showing their oldschool influences nicely too. Those come through in an ever present proto-metal feel that lies just beneath the surface of these tunes.


Although each one of these six songs are stellar, I found myself drawn to a couple of real stand outs, like the over-the-top "Ship Named Fever". With abundant chug and a semi-backwoodsy stomp, the number is a scorching hit with me. Not to mention, I'm always a fan of good production where you can hear the instruments and here, the bass lines are well pronounced.


The ballad-y "Firewagon" is another near perfect composition, one rife with emotion and a powerful vocal performance. That said, the album closing "Planetcracker" is where everything comes together for a phenomenal finale. Aggressive metal moments, southern groove, progressive doom and even a few death metal-ish guttural vocals to boot!


CROBONE take no prisoners on their S/T outing but what they do, and do well, is deliver one magnificent record. Ignore this at your own peril because I expect to be hearing a lot more from - and about - CROBONE in the times ahead.


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