Cosmic Rock

Dead Witches “Final Exorcism”

England's hugely popular doom metal group Dead Witches return with this new album full of classic doom rock entitled “The Final Exorcism”. DW are back strong with the soaring, soulful vocals of singer Soozi Chameleone, guitarist Oliver Hill, bassist Carl Geary all surrounding drummer the great Mark Greening. Greening and company reach way back to their love of sixties hippie cult films, seventies late night horror and music to hit deep in the gold mine of coolness and quality. Dead Witches climb up and look down to reign over countless over acts trying the same vibe.  Beginning the right way with the intro sample of “There's Something There” onward into the melancholy acoustic notes of the title tracks which soon kicks into super doom ultra heaviness. Soozi Chameleone’s vocals are really nice as she sings calmly over such heavy music , never losing a sense of vocal control and resting easily on the edge of mad potential. ‘Goddess Of The Night” brings some excellent touches with guitar effects while the short piece “When Do The Dead See The Sun” rises with a psych Beatles feel vocals and lyrics. Collosal riffage rules this record with vintage production skills and Greening on the drum throne over seeing the vibe like a seasoned overlord. Mighty Oliver Hill’s powerful riffs and guitar champ heaviness bring a slow moving frostgiant to the sound, while Soozi’s sense of style and vocal power bring a beauty to the music that draw the listener in again for repeated midnight listens. The vibe is evident and the results super solid. DW triumph with this record, dropping tasteful riffage easily to prove the power is in the songs and playing from the heart while drenched in gothic and vintage retro style.

(Photo By Mark Morrisey and Paraniod Beast Promotions)