Cosmic Rock

Death Valley Driver “Wolf Crown E.P”

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island’s sludgecore kings release this new EP full of heavy riffage. Dan Hodgson (Vocals), Ryan P Gallant (Drums), Elliott Carter (Bass), Ray Blaquiere (Guitar) and Nick Doucette (Guitar) return for a new offering. This time it resonates as if Hodgson and company crept dark into a Canadian woodland to seek a blessing from the elusive wolfish agents of metal elder Gods.  “Birth of the Hammer” kicks things off with a beckoning war chant and full on assault sure to entice fans of doom laden sludge metal. Formed from the sheer will power of those involved in their early days back in 2008, DVD is a five piece influenced by Metallica, Coheed & Cambria and others. Bands may come and go but this group seems determined to carve a trench and hold their ground in modern dirt encrusted, crushing wilderness metal. Dan Hodgson’s massive roar stands above and the band is full of slow groove power. Excellent riffage via Blaquiere and Doucette rides well on a solid rhythm section of Gallant and Carter. Showing many influences from classic rock to more aggressive styles of metal and swampy blues groove, these guys are sure to be really popular in this genre. Highlights for me include the aforementioned song and “Poison War” and “King of Fangs”. This one should grab and shake fans of Down, mid era abrasive Pantera, with the sheer volume Blue Cheer and the wandering brutality of bands like Emtombed.