Cosmic Rock

Dee Calhoun “Go To The Devil” (Argonauta Records)

Singer Dee Calhoun is known to many for his excellent vocals in the great band Iron Man. Here he releases this solo effort joined by friend and IM bassist Louis Strachan. The duo performed a strong set at Maryland Doom Fest last year and this follows up Dee’s first solo release. Dee is always busy and on the move. Back with this one he releases an album of acoustic/haunting sound equally parts classic metal influence vocally and folkish/Americana guitar work. I could also see some alternative gothic western styles behind the honest styled writing, some inspired by his 2017 novella “Jesus, Devil,Deed”. Dee must be pretty introspective and reaching deep to write these songs as the single “Jesus, The Devil, The Deed” which tells a mysterious tale worthy of a short film. Dee’s voice soars with metal and raw heart, and Strachan’s bass is a good anchor for the sound. Very cool record from Mr.Calhoun. Tonight I’ll be enjoying this late into the misty night with only the trees and dark skies for company. Out on March 30th on Argonauta, check out Calhoun and Strachan’s fine record and look out for detais of a future Euro tour.