Cosmic Rock


Formed in 2014 and making their way from Pune to Mumbai, India this heavy group entitled Dirge release a powerful six song ep. Running over fifty one minutes of scorching guitar and drum rampages, this ep is named after the Aztec god of death Ah Puch and also has similar album themes and artwork. Influenced by Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Pagan Altar and Yob the band tears up this recording with aggression a bit more along the lines of a faster and heavier EHG. I would even give some props as to say there may be a bit of early Sepultura influence here too. Ashish Dharkar and Varun Patil's guitar top skills are on full display with the heavy rhythm section of Harshad Bhagwat and Vineet Nair driving this recording like a boulder rolling down a mountain. Bassist Bhagwat also contributes lyrics and the concept ideas while the furious vocals are by growling frontman Tabish Khidir.  Stand outs for me include the charging “Invoking the demi god’ and the lighter touch of “The Dilemma”.  I wouldn’t really call this doom metal or slow sludge metal as I see a multitude of influences of heavier styles that complement the overall sound and make it original and much more aggressive than a traditional syrup slow sludgecore band. Dirge is a musical power stand out in India’s burgeoning heavy scene and I expect big things from them in the future even more. Metal from India with Aztec themes and ultra heaviness, too cool. I hope they continue along this path and expand even more on their influences. - G