Cosmic Rock

DISGRACELAND “EP #1” (Advance copy review)

Ollie Stygall main man from the long running UK retro band Grifter is back on a punk rock search and destroy mission and he isn’t playing around. Joined by solid bro’s Fozz from said group of misfits Grifter and Chris on bass, Disgraceland throws down the glove into the punk rock bars, gutters and alleyways with passion and excitement. New songs from this debut five song ep include the stand outs “You Deserve It” “I Gots It All” and others. Influences loom large are The D.K. and more of that era, maybe even a touch of ST, very early NYHC, Exploited or Black Flag.  The Ep is named simply “EP #1” and singer Ollie also commented “We’re letting people call the EP what they want”, and what’s more punk than that? Great playing with some nice rises and falls in chord changes, excellent singing as always from Stygall. Rattling bass and sharp telecaster tone through a good stack of amps brighten the sound keeping a dash of old primal 50’s rock to the jam. These three reach for a refreshing throwback to follow old traditional influences across the history of punk rock and seem to be having a blast doing it. Fun style and a strong first foot out the door on their way from Stygall and his associates. For fans of DK, Black Flag, The Exploited, UK Subs and Bad Brains.