Cosmic Rock

Doomstress  ‘Supernatural Kvlt Sounds’ EP (No Slip Records CD)

Tearing out of Texas comes the band Doomstress with the ep “Supernatural Kvlt Sounds.” Fronted by Alexis Hollada who seems very influenced by seventies rock like Sabbath, Heart and Uriah Heep. Band mates Brandon Johnson, Matt Taylor, Tomasz Scull round out the group for some ultra grade fine retro rock. Doom metal yet possessing more of a rock way of hopping good chords not typical for the genre, excellent clean vocals that seem seventies rock influenced like Pentagram or by Jinx from Coven maybe a little Dio. Excellent production, and a knock out release all around. Stand outs for me include  “Way of the mountain”, “Rainbow Demon” and I also enjoyed the vinyl bonus “Wicked Woman” bonus track. I enjoy this release highly as it doesn’t just ride a Sabbath clone but brings in the doom and occult rock feel by digging deep in the world of influences from which they could draw rather than the usual these days. Alexis is on top of the current game of the genre with determination and her band mates are solid. I would enjoy comparing this to the older bands but also see the parallels with another group I love these days which is Portland’s mighty doom metal royalty Disenchanter. Not stoner rock, but inspired seventies rock with tasteful influences and style. Many young bands aim for this signature feel but don’t have the focus, while Doomstress easily hits the mark. Again tastefully accented by very cool cover artwork courtesy of the popular artist Goatess. For fans of Pentagram, Coven, Heart, Uriah Heep and 70’s, 80’s metal. The band is on tour now, catch them live if you get the chance.