Cosmic Rock


Doom metal giant Gary Isom is a great musician and solid dude known across the map for his multi skills in underground rock. This time around he returns with the space rock band Druids and a new release entitled “Totem”. Maryland’s excellent group Druids (Eli Watson – guitar/vocals, Gary Isom - drums, Jeremy Dignes- bass and Danny Alger- guitar/vocals) bring the space jam with restraint and taste, not too much freeform ramble not too much simplicity. An enjoyable blend of many proud influences, Druids’ EP brings to mind the holy Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Pentagram and other doom and blues greats but also brings in some quality shine of seventies rock like Hawkwind, Allman Brothers and Hendrix (and even a touch of indie garage rock hipness). Tasteful samples from old films lay down a nice vibe of sixties and seventies classic fantasy and style. Stand outs for me include the songs : Atlantean, the awesome track Turtles Dream, Sky Submarine and Cruising Astral Skies.  Druids throw their music down in the game of a genre filled with imitators and deliver good music. I think the best way to listen to this would be on a laid back easy night on vinyl with no attention to modern age concerns. Ideal just to chill and relax, letting the music drift across the air. Always cool to see what Gary and his pals are up to, these Druids conjure retro riff power with psych touches most righteously.