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EARTH SHIP "Smoke Filled Sky / Silver Decay" EP Review


- Pat 'Riot' Whitaker



For those in the know and hip to the 'Ship, you already know what a damn powerhouse of sonic density this trio are. If you are just discovering EARTH SHIP then you are quickly going to become aware of just how killer this band is, especially if you are a fan of sludgy extremity.


Never ones for heaviness just for the sake of heaviness, EARTH SHIP infuse some massive grooves into their music, as evidenced immediately here with "Smoke Filled Sky". Rutted with trenches of rupturing rhythms and monstrously fuzzy, downtuned guitars, this song yields a bluesy battery of boggy hard rock. The harsh, gravelly vocals and almost funk-inflected guitar solos are additional elements that make their presence known too.


Next up is the full on foray into fiercely fuzzed out musicality, "Silver Decay", and what a fun filled wonder it is! The tight knit interplay between the trio finds them firing on all cylinders as the music seems to bounce and ricochet all around you. And, once again, there are an abundance of funk and blues nuances rippling all throughout the tune. I especially like the delivery of alternating vocal styles as the aforementioned harsh ones are now accompanied by a rather distinct cleaner one at times.


So, there you have it, my take on the new EARTH SHIP "Smoke Filled Sky / Silver Decay" EP, along with my suggestion that you get a ticket to ride. That means go check them, and the EP, out now.

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