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Forming The Void / Pyreship Split

Endhipendit Record Company - March 9

Review By Pat 'Riot' Whitaker

  It is always cool to see someone with the foresight, insight, whichever it is, to display the sensibility to recognize great music. In this case, it is Endhipendit Record Co. that has seen fit to unite two of the best bands from the newer school of progressive metal on one recorded offering. Those bands, Louisiana's Forming The Void and Texas' Pyreship, not only represent the contemporary wave of prog metal but it cannot be overlooked that both bands hail from the southern United States as well.

On March 9th, Endhipendit Record Co. will release a 10" split featuring both bands, each contributing a track that is surely to astound and in some cases, introduce new soon-to-be fans to the bands themselves. Being already familiar with both bands myself, I thought we'd take a look at the upcoming release via a personal synopsis from me on each song.

"To The Wolves" - Forming The Void: In traditional Louisiana fashion, Forming The Void deliver a song crafted upon massive doom riffs right from the start. They quickly mold into an almost hypnotic rhythmic pattern, one bolstered with phenomenal groove and depth. Those grooves are backed with crunchy drums as the always-alluring vocals of James Marshall (guitar/vocals) soon roll out and then soar upon the music underneath.

Marshall and his bandmates, Shadi Omar Al-Khansa (guitar), Luke Baker (bass) and Thomas Colley (drums), then weave their way through a winding maze of tempos. Mid-song they detour things into some heavy psychedelia, flavoring these moments before going headlong into the grandiose, epic metal that gradually takes the reigns and rides things out.

"Wraith's Tide" - Pyreship: The sonic offering from this Houston band begin with a brief spoken-word sample intro before a gradual influx of minimalist guitar begins to insert itself. That is soon reinforced with some low end bass lines and quite lively drums, all remaining in restraint as if holding back by the force of sheer will. You can feel the pressure as it builds within the number, eventually finding release in a melodic flow of emotionally stirring music.

Soon, co-vocalists / co-guitarists Sam Waters and Jason Jordan, bassist George Lusito and drummer Steve Smith are hammering out a deluge of powerful audio. It rises then crashes with angst-y energies and periodically darker overtones before winding itself out with some brief but fiery guitar-based assault.

The Forming The Void / Pyreship split is the perfect holdover for fans of each band awaiting proper, full releases from each  that are currently in the works. For those that may not be familiar with one or either of the bands, it also serves as the ideal introduction for each to you as well. If unique, far reaching progressive metal rife with emotion and possessed of dynamic scope is your thing then you too will surely appreciate this record too.


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