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FRAYLE - "The White Witch" EP Review



Who knew that The Buckeye State held such a wonderful entity as FRAYLE, aka the duo of Sean Bilovecky & Gwyn Strang?


The Cleveland-based pair recently unleashed their four song debut, "The White Witch" EP, and it contains some incredible heavy rock for sure. Rooted in the depths of doom but with enticing elements of psychedelia, dream pop, shoegaze, and occult rock, this female fronted project are carving out their own place in underground music.


Overtly dark in its musical nature for the most part, there are eerie vibes permeating these songs right from the start. In fact, the title of the first song really alludes to that as "Let The Darkness In" is a stark invite to experience plodding, groove generating riffery and hypnotically alluring vocals. Heavy, hellish and hazy nuances taint every note of this slower lysergic like lullaby.


From there, things become exponentially much denser and doomier with the bittersweet title track of the EP, "The White Witch". With crushing guitar licks right out of the playbook of Sleep or Sunn O)), they resonate with drone type impact as they bombard you. The airy, siren-like vocals once again serve as a direct contrast to the music heaving from beneath them.


The next track comes as an intriguing surprise somewhat, a reinterpretation of Portishead's "Wandering Star". Where the original's lighter delivery was based in a more minimalist approach, FRAYLE serve it up with massive, over the top excess and make it their own in a manner of speaking.


That avenue is traversed once again on the fantastic closing song, "Things That Make Us Bleed", my favorite track of the four. The songs seem to tie everything together in a powerfully fluid discharge of musically magnetic grooves and alluring vocalizations. Mystical vibes and tribal rhythms weave a sonic spell that pulses and throbs with irresistible appeal; a potent construct that you won't soon forget once heard.


Truth is, that statement can be applied to the totality of "The White Witch" EP from FRAYLE. It is simultaneously harrowing and mesmerizing, beguiling and inspiring both... prepare to be enchanted!


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