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Pat 'Riot' Whitaker



From the Buckeye State of Ohio comes the Chillicothe construct that is the living embodiment of the term "power trio", FUZZ LORD!


The three-headed musical beast that is FUZZ LORD - Steven Fuzz Lord (Guitar), Lawrence Lord Buzz (Drums, Vocals) and Stoner Dan Riley (Bass) - just unleashed a powerhouse album, the 8-song self-titled Fuzz Lord. On it, they meld an incendiary concoction of fuzz-heavy rock and stoner metal.


Like white-hot magma pouring out, the bluesy-but-brief intro, "The Gates Of Hell", is a doomy stomp of down-tuned riffs and crushing density. But not all is punishing as there are ample injections of melody and temperance. The intro gradually pulls us into the slow-grooves of "Kronos Visions Arise", a churning maelstrom of plodding rhythms and kit-crushing drums.


FUZZ LORD raise the stakes with each new delivery as songs like "The Warriors Who Reign", "Evil Infamy" and the superb "Infamous Evil" are opulent odes to all that is underground heaviness. This is metal all unto itself, blazing its own trail forward and taking no prisoners in its wake.


For all the classic heavy metal undercurrents that permeate this record, there's an undeniable punk rock edge to some of its moments also. The perfect example of this is "The Lord Of The Underground", an uptempo, upbeat number that brings to mind acts like Ramones or Misfits for me, personally.


Speaking of "for me", there is a real stand out song... for me anyway, heh. It comes as the crunchy "Worlds Collide" and it heaves with somber overtones as it lumbers forth. The unmistakable classic rock / metal feel of the sonics here are seemingly as much inspired by bands like Nazareth as they are Mastodon.


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