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Gary Sunshine “Beer, Picks and Old Records”

Guitarist Gary Sunshine has been around the music industry for decades a part of great things like the renegade blues metal kings Circus Of Power, rock titans Guns N Roses and the acclaimed band NY Loose. A NYC scene fixture of the eighties by way of the glory days of Florida seventies rock and punk Sunshine has always been part of something cool, bringing songs and guitar skills to the table edging his place among the greats.

Guitar hero worship aside, Gary has truly always been one of those streets of New York songwriters at heart. No flash licks and no gymnastic stage moves, no worries over fashion or pretense, you have those rare and few like Gary Sunshine who are at their spirit genuine song writers. Guys who lived for classic seventies rock and still do. Falling somewhere between a country obsessed, sixties era lonesome Keith Richards in a Cali hotel room singing ideas with his telecaster and a poetic yet sly eighties Elvis Costello: Gary can pull off songs all over the music history map of writing.

While the music industry sways to and fro, Sushine has holed up alone many years like a wayward brother of Johnny Thunders, Keith, a bold Steve Jones and sullen Townes Van Zandt writing songs alone hidden from the cacophony of day glow trends. Rumored to be in the making many months ago, a miracle struck down like lightning from the Gods in the sky and this solo album was suddenly made possible. Entitled with an appropriate album name Gary brings his A game and it spills over the top with pure heart, raw emotion and a necessary sense of clever lyricism that sheds light on his laid back personality.

Always a no bones about it guy, Gary’s album shows again his great guitar skills, his smooth vocals with no emotional filter and his songwriting full of class. For fans of the aforementioned bands and an authentic music fan who can connect the well worn rock and roll  powerlines between Gram Parsons and Stiv Bators, Gary Sunshine’s potential only grows. Excellent rustic production and players, it reminds me of Izzy Stradlin’s Juju Hounds album, an album I hold in high esteem.

Sometimes the pain is evident here, quietly carried on his weary shoulders. In this I mean the years of experiences of unhappy battles of the business that cut a bit deep, but to anyone who gets it its honest and it’s real and always rounds out afterwards above with his true love for music.  He may have seen many stories from the dark side of town but his heart is about the music that shines the light on those shadows.  As often when I hear any music he is part of I envision all the ways it connects to the family tree of classic rock history.

Give this one a listen and keep your eyes on an unsung hero of rock history as he picks up a guitar and pours some of his soul out for a listener with proper heart to take it all in and enjoy.  

My favorite tracks include :  the title track, “Banging on my Head”, “Love Turns” and “We had Gold”.  –”