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HEAVY WATER CULT - "Happy Doomsday" EP Review (by Pat 'Riot' Whitaker)


Today, we are taking a look at, and listen to, the radiated rock and roll of Freiburg, Germany's HEAVY WATER CULT.


The quartet - Archie (Vocals), Dorian (Guitar, Background Vocals), Roland (Bass) and Pedro (Drums) - recently issued the "Happy Doomsday" EP. On it, the foursome explore what happens when stoner blues music absorbs psychedelic isotopes. Fusing them together with strategic flare, the release of energy takes the form of three laid back, yet quite killer, songs.


"Blowin' Down The Doors" begins this experiment with an ethereal start, meandering riffs ripple forth while slow galloping drums accentuate the lazy pace. The music has quite The Doors type quality to it as an echoed vocal delivery soon rolls in, still retaining that laid back vibe about it. That is, until the choruses arrive with explosive intensity, albeit briefly, before resuming the song's restrained advance.


"Killing Gods" takes on a more mystical nature right from the beginning, one possessing a somewhat Middle Eastern influence in its music. Wave after wave of heady audio floats about us, periodically things do get ratcheted up with a bit of aggressive attitude in music and vocal. The song is quite rhythmically enchanting as the oft times repetitive music and lyrics have a lulling quality about them.


"One Strange Night - The Not So True Story Of Heavy Water Cult" is quite the oddity. A spoken word piece introduces the track, and while there is subtle background music wafting about, things remain more of a comically hilarious "origin story" about HEAVY WATER CULT's beginnings... even delivered in a quirky voice. It is not clear how factual the narrative is but it is funny and entertaining, soooo...whatever, it's cool.


You can currently obtain the "Happy Doomsday" EP from HEAVY WATER CULT at Bandcamp as an NYP (Name Your Price) download.




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