Cosmic Rock


JIRM – SURGE EX MONUMENTIS (Small Stone Recordings)

Stockholm psychedelic rock band JIRM (formerly known by the long handle Jeremy Irons and the Ratgang Malibus) deliver a super epic of an album entitled ‘Surge Ex Monumentis’. While some bands tend to sledgehammer riffs and beats to get their point across, and there’s nothing wrong with that really, this album rolls with drums and riffage while the vocals lay at a masterful mix level, sliding like a spirit under the songs. I was truly taken aback at first listen and I’m a won over at this band’s outstanding sound. Don’t get me wrong this is top notch driving rock but with laid back delivery as it’s played with ease and class. Sweden has plenty of great bands but I can see this being among the very best.  Vocalist/guitarist Karl Apelmo, guitarist Micke Pettersson display some tasteful, trippy riffage while the low end power of Viktor Kallgren on bass and Henke Persson on drums root the songs in solidity.  While some psychedelia oriented artists forget to rock and just fumble along, this record keeps rock alive while pushing the lines to space rock without meandering.  Excellent group and sound captured by absolute top quality production taking you on a journey at first listen. Big respect! –