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MONSTERNAUT "Enter The Storm" Review - Pat "Riot" Whitaker



Finland's magnificent MONSTERNAUT recently returned with their sophomore album via Heavy Psych Sounds, the tour de force that is "Enter The Storm".


If you are already familiar with the trio - Tuomas Heiskanen (Vocals/Guitar), Perttu Härkönen (Bass) and Jani Kuusela (Drums) - then you know what they are all about then. For the uninitiated, a quick crash course could be wrapped up within the following: "Fuzz-heavy, groove fueled stoner rock straight from the school of acts like Fu Manchu, Nebula and Kyuss".


Now, I could just leave things at that and allow the music to do the talking and mindblowing but never one short on words, allow me to elaborate a bit further. What we get here are 12 tracks of raw, as pure as can be, undiluted rock 'n roll. No filler, no bullshit or excessive gimmickry of any sort, just the riff, the rhythm, the beat and the voice.


There's no need for me to conduct a track-by-track breakdown, or focus on any single song more so than another. This album does not work like that and doing so could possibly jilt you, the listener, in the long run should you go peruse song so-and-so and somehow miss another one. The point I'm attempting to make is this - "Enter The Storm" is one of those oh so rare treasures where each and every cut is a slice of heavenly sonic goodness.


I will, however, throw out a couple of my own personal favorites starting with the damned singular masterpiece that is "One Of The Rodents". This hard hitting, chug dense crusher is like an aural drug, one that I (and you too, probably) cannot get enough of.


"Devil's Inn" is another intoxicating concoction that explodes with monstrously huge swagger and attitude with each note. But like I said, there is not a bad, or lame, song here, honestly. Hell, there's not even a boring or disappointing moment, at least not for me anyway.


True story: This is the very embodiment of what Stoner Rock is circa 2018... bold, I know, but it's true. From the past's pioneers and their resonating influence on the contemporary state of the heavy rock underground, MONSTERNAUT are head of the class in the new school, showing us all how it is done and damn, if they don't do it like no other!



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