Cosmic Rock

“Morbid Angel – Kingdoms Disdained” (Silver Lining Music)

Roaring back with this new release entitled ‘Kingdoms Disdained’, long time Florida death metal kings Morbid Angel return with an aggressive charge. Steve Tucker is back on bass and vocals joining founding member Trey Azagthoth and company for a tight, focused effort of pure heavy music. Playing guitar like only Trey can, the group follows his wild creativity like a close weaving , almost swirling, maximum delivery of brutal expression. Morbid Angel always delivers and this album from the music, the heaviness of the vocals and tight production create a solid offering to the metal gods. I am always amazed by Trey’s playing, writing and thinking musically, which is beyond truly easy understanding or any comparison. When Trey finally rises up to unleash a solo on ‘The Righteous Voice’ it’s awesome to hear. The rises and falls of the arrangements, the lock tight rhythm, Tucker’s rumbling sub atomic growl, all fall in line for an experience of a listen. Again, I am always amazed by Trey’s skills and what he will write and how it’s expressed musically. I’m a big fan of the classic days from Altars and more, I always get an excitement from MA.