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NEMESIS “Atrocity Unleashed” (EBM Records)

 Charlotte based thrash metal hoodlums Nemesis formed in 2008 under the moniker Ravage. Working their way through a few line up changes, the band has been tearing up the stage from NC to VA with their brand of vicious retro thrash speedmetal gaining a big fan base for years. A three piece featuring Corey Hetrick on vocals and guitar, Jason Duncan on bass and Viken Tashjian on drums Nemesis brings the thrash metal revival grind and blast with a passion on this release entitled “Atrocity Unleashed” (appropriately). Sounding like a lost bad ass underground group falling out of the time warp prime days of thrash and speedmetal, Nemesis could easily have put this out in 1991 and it would be exactly the same vibe. Without a doubt these dudes are carrying the bloody axes high with their heavy craft and having fun doing it.  Slayer, Exodus, Bolt Thrower, a little bit of Discharge, Overkill and others come to mind. Nemesis thrives on the vibe of old school art flyers and production with excitement and respect for the grimy history they are born from. The stomping aggression of “Blades Of Death”, “Blood Tundra”, “Terminator” and the title track recall the glory days of xerox stapled paper zines, eager cassette demo traders with a B&W cover wrapped in a rubber band and a band sticker thrown in. These guys ace it with holy distortion drenched inspiration carrying thrash metal in the current year. For fans of the style and underground purists of the form.  Thrash after death and onward!