Cosmic Rock

Roaring back with this new release entitled ‘Kingdoms Disdained’, long time Florida death metal kings Morbid Angel return with an aggressive charge.


Everything is bigger in Texas, ya know? At least that is a widely known, commonly accepted acknowledgement for most folks anyway...

Greece is the word, and many times the location, for some of the best rock and metal manifesting on planet Earth.

Spain’s three piece psych groove rock group the aptly named Green Desert Water makes a strong mark with this new release entitled “Solar Plexus”.

From the Buckeye State of Ohio comes the Chillicothe construct that is the living embodiment of the term "power trio", FUZZ LORD....


Singer Dee Calhoun is known to many for his excellent vocals in the great band Iron Man....

The very first thing that must be stated here is the true originality of Nashville's All Them Witches is remarkable...

Forming The Void / Pyreship Split

 It is always cool to see someone with the foresight, insight, whichever it is, to display the sensibility to recognize great music. In this case, it is Endhipendit Record Co. that has seen fit to unite two of the best bands..

From Florence Italy singer Virginia Monti returns with this new album with the group Psychedelic Witchcraft. “Sounds of the Wind” is the follow up to the album “The Vision”.

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