Cosmic Rock

From Florence Italy singer Virginia Monti returns with this new album with the group Psychedelic Witchcraft. “Sound of the Wind” is the follow up to the album “The Vision”. Monti is influenced by sixities and seventies icon imagery and diverse spirituality bringing her sense of glamor and pagan style. This group combines the love for classic rock bands like Free, Sabbath and Jefferson Airplane with an edge that makes it interesting above many other groups who try for the same but don’t succeed. Monti and company propel a top delivery of psych-blues-pagan classic rock right up there with the best. Big fan of the bluesy vocals as soul is where it’s at. Stand outs for me include “Rising on the Edge” and “Turn Me On”. With a vinyl release on Listenable Records, “Sound Of The Wind” spins in a place in doom/classic rock best.  Too cool, I will be enjoying this one for a long time.